How men really feel about women's makeup? Research shows men are 3 times more likely to ask a woman out if she uses makeup Some men insist that they view makeup on women as a turn-off. However, real dynamics on a dating site demonstrated that men were 3 times more likely to ask a woman on a date if she used cosmetics. So, while guys state they dislike makeup on women, they contact ladies who utilize blush, lipstick and mascara rather than girls who uploade their barefaced selfies.

We previously had quite a lively discussion on the topic of not liking girls in makeup. Now the truth has been confirmed by a research.

How men really feel about women’s makeup?

Dating site Zoosk analyzed 1200 women’s profiles to find out which of them were most popular among male members.

The results showed that ladies who highlight their facial features receive 3 times more messages from potential partners than those who choose to look entirely natural.

Besides, the experts revealed which features got maximum responses.

  • Eye decoration (mascara, shadows) attract 139% more messages.
  • Lipstick users got 119% more expressions of interest from guys than the girls without it.
  • Accentuating cheeks also might be helpful—girls wearing blush receive 24% more messages than ladies without it.

It’s important to mention that most guys do not like seeing a lot of cosmetics on a woman’s face. They note there’s no need to overdo it and a moderate amount of cosmetics is what they like best.

  • 66% out of 1,800 men surveyed said they do not find “dark” make-up attractive.
  • The same goes for red lipstick: 57% of respondents believe that red color is ill-timed on a first date.
  • Finally, 84% of guys responded that they like natural hair styles. This applies to the color of the hair as well.

So, what do you think about the results of the research?

How men really feel about women's makeup?

It has been found out that most guys prefer natural-looking makeup.


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I absolutely agree. As a rule, women with make-up seem more attractive to men. But there are always some exceptions. Usually, I don’t use any cosmetics. But once I put some and went to the university. The curious thing is most of my male friends said I was prettier without it. That was kind of surprising.


as a man i dont like to woman to wear TOO much make up, why do i say this ? because women are changing there features by using make up ( full face make up) and hiding there true appearance, women should not hide behind there makeup,this is just MY opinion,

Old German
Old German

I dislike any visible make-up. A natural woman is much more attractive than one that is all made-up!!!