Elena's Models photo contest update: 74 entries, 3 from men.Just a short update on our photo competition with the grand prize of USD $5,000 cash.

It is only 4 more days left, so if you want to have a chance to put your face in front of 1000’s of Elena’s Models ladies absolutely free of charge, do it now!

Click here to enter Elena’s Models competition

3 guys will enjoy all the attention — don’t miss out!

  • As of today, we have received 74 correct entries.
  • 71 entries are from women, 3 from men.
  • The photo with the most votes wins and enters the yearly final. There will be only 9 entrants in the final (1 every month).
  • Monthly prize USD $500. Final prize $5.000.

Our photo competition created quite a stir among ladies.

  • All women on Elena’s Models will check the entrants’ pictures. If you are one of not so many guys who were brave enough to join, it is your chance to make yourself visible on the site.
  • It’s also a great opening for conversations with beautiful girls for the next 2 weeks of voting.

This is the first month that we started the contest and it may not be as easy to score in the following months. Grab this opportunity before it’s gone!

See how popular you are among lovely Russian and Ukrainian women seeking love online.

  • Last day to enter: 14 April.
  • Voting for the contest entries will begin on 15 April 2017.

Join #emwin500 and have some fun!


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Elena, If you are trying to call out the men on the lopsided number of entrants to the photo contest, I should like to point out that by not declaring separate categories for men and women, we men are wise enough to know that we do not stand a chance to the ladies winning the contest!! Therefore, only 3 of us have even entered!! Of course, you in your wisdom, are the one to point out once again where our male reasoning causes us to shoot ourselves in the foot so to speak!! LOL!! We miss out on all kinds… Read more »


Your link is broken. Id like to through my hat in the ring and put myself out there. Kinda hard when the links dont work. And yes i realise i wont win and i am not a 10…but what the hay….nothing ventured nothing gained. Who knows i might get lucky and someone out there around the world might truely want me. Bug the ljnks hsve work for me to do that. What ever happened to go old fashion dating.?