Craziest date ever?

Craziest date ever?Do you think you had some crazy dates? You probably will only score 4 or 5 on the scale of 10, if you consider this date as the benchmark.

Is this the craziest date ever?

A guy named Liam Smith from UK, Bristol, met a girl on a dating site and took her home. During the time together, she went to the bathroom to empty her bowels, but for some reason the flush didn’t work. Embarrassed, the girl decided to wrap her “doing” into some toilet paper and throw the package outside (must have been unable to think straight).

The plan backfired with the package falling inside the windowsill. The lady had to disclose the adventure and its outcome to the host, but her idea of how to fix it was to try to climb up and pick the offensive parcel from the space between two windows. The brave girl volunteered to perform the tricky act.

While she did succeed in removing a large part of the unpleasant cargo, the aspiring gymnast got stuck and could not get out of the little gap between windows. After 15 minutes of trying to sort it out, the guy had to call a fire brigade to free his ingenious guest.

In the young man’s words, the firemen were amazing and did their job perfectly, despite the comical situation. The young lady was freed.

However, that’s not where the story ends.

Funny story.

Upside down and stuck… That’s not how it was supposed to go. (Photo: GoFundMe fundraising page.)

It’s raining money

During the rescue operation, the window got destroyed. The guy was quoted 300 pounds to replace it, which was an exorbitant amount for a graduate student. To save himself from a potential death at the hands of his landlord, he launched a GoFundMe page asking for donations. To motivate potential donors he described the whole story in details and posted photos of the ordeal.

He obviously didn’t expect such a response!

  • 2,775 pounds (US$3700) was raised within days.
  • The average donation was £7.64.
  • 363 people donated in 7 days.
Crazy date crowd funding page.

Image: Screenshot.

Not only that, he got so many offers to replace windows for free that he pledged to donate the whole amount to two charities.

The first one provides toilets to people in the underdeveloped world (yes, there are people who have no such privilege in their lives) and the second one supports firemen in need of psychological or medical help.

Crazy date (text).

The plea that raised over 2.7 thousand U.K. pounds.

What do you think about this crazy date? Can any of your adventures measure up?  

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Oh my God! I just cant’ belivie it, what a poor girl! I thought that such situations can be only in comedy movies but look at this! If I was her, I would change my name, appearance and leave the country forever!