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British car manufacturer Bentley took his luxury sedan to Russia to set a new record.

Bentley’s New Record

Bentley Flying Spur recently set an average speed record on the surface of the world’s oldest and deepest lake in Russia. The testing was performed on Siberian lake Baikal on 28 March, reports.

Bentley’s average speed movement when driving on ice was impressive.

1000 km (621 miles) track was set in the area of Olkhon Island. The car was able to cover the route within 11 hours, despite difficult driving conditions. The ice had melted a bit and the road was covered with puddles of water.

Bently didn’t leave the ice surface during the test except for topping-up or to swap drivers.

According to preliminary estimates, the car’s average speed on ice was 94 km/hour (58 miles/hour). The maximum speed during the pre-drive training was 262 km/hour (162 miles/hour). During the actual record drive, Bentley’s speed reached 239 km/hour (148 mi/hour).

The documents for attempting a record have been submitted to the Guinness World Records Committee in Russia.

Bentley’s Flying Spur involved in the testing was fitted with 6-litre W12 engine and twin turbochargers.

 Bentley's New Record on Russian Ice

Bentley has set a new record when driving on ice of Russian lake Baikal.

 Bentley's New Record on Russian Ice

The deepest in the world Lake Baikal looks fascinating in summer.


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Bentley is a dream of many men and women. And I’m no exception. Speed and representative machine will satisfy most motorists. The only drawback Bentley – its high price. But the price justifies the quality.


It is great that there are such cool cars as Bentley’s and some people can afford buying the cars of good quality. And also it is interesting to read about new achievements in the sphere of automobile industry and learn more and more, thank you very much!