russian-ukrainian-travel-storyMany of our readers travel to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and other countries of the former USSR and Eastern Europe. Thousands of men are going on great romantic adventures every year. These experiences are priceless, and could be extremely useful to other men who have met Russian and Ukrainian women through online dating sites, and now are thinking about visiting them at their home countries.

This is why we’d love to publish your travel story. It would provide an insider information and tips for other western travellers, who could face the same challenges and enjoy the same discoveries that you did. You don’t have to be a member of Elena’s Models to submit your story — all genuine visitors or a western expatriates living in Ukraine, Russia, or other ex-USSR states are welcome to send their reviews.

You would agree that locals see their country and city where they live differently to visitors. It’s always fascinating to know how out-of-town guests view your place, as well as what would be practical to be familiar with in advance.

How to send your travel story

Follow the plan below and send your story together with your original photos to:



Share your travel story with other men.

What to include:

  • City, country
  • How did you get there (plane, train etc)
  • Where did you stay (hotel or apartment), how did you book it, how was it
  • Any tips on choosing a hotel in the city
  • What attractions have you visited, your view of them (restaurants, sights, places of interest etc)
  • Your experience of communication with locals, did you feel safe, welcomed?
  • Did something funny happen during your visit? We’d love you to share your smiles! 🙂
  • Any tips for foreign visitors
  • Photos from your trip (only original files)

Thank you in advance for sharing your great stories!


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I don’t wanna share the whole story. When I was 18 I was traveling with my mate a lot by car. It was May and we were going to Brest(in France). Sergei said: “Do you know where we are?” I said that i didn’t know. “That’s funny, because we are in Belarus. We are in Brest.” We decided to stay there.
So it was the best vacation i’ve ever had, ’cause we had so much fun in Brest!

P.S. You should listen to your heart.

Wow! I`m from Brest (Belarus). And it`s very pleasant for me to know that people from other places come here and have a good time. As for me I really enjoyed the trip with my boyfriend to Lvov (Ukraine). It was two years ago but we remember this travelling even now. We lived in the hotel (now I don`t remember the name). There are many places to visit here, esp. different cafes (Dim Legend, Kriivka, Mazoha, Kentavr … ). You`ll never forget them! People are very kind and hospitable. And this place is real paradise for sweet-teeth. My boyfriend liked… Read more »
I was dating a very, very nice girl from Crimea, but when it was Russian territory, she became different. Now Impossible to go to Kiev for Visa to Sweden, because Sweden say Crimea is Ukraine. And she will never ever go to facist country, she say! And from news in Russia, she think it is danger for her life to visit Sweden. She say Swedish news is only American propaganda, thy pay the Swedish journalists! And now she say she cannot think live in an Euro country, European Union and America is awful and they support facists in Ukraine. So… Read more »
Hello again, thank you for answer me. unfortunately this started when Crimea was Russian. I did meet her one year before this Crimea crises. After March 2014, she can be as before some time, then as another person. I have visited her in Crimea 4 times, totally 11 weeks, and she also has visited me in Sweden 2 weeks,and then she liked it here…. but it was just before this Crimea crises. And I visited her in Crimea only 4 weeks ago, and spend 4 weeks with her, to try to show her it is not dangerous in Sweden for… Read more »
Aero Loco
Decided to meet someone in Kiev. The best way to have an idea is to read forums or blogs. Many of those are of personal opinions & experience of course however I decided to give it a go. But mine experience was fine. I flew from Dubai as there are direct flights. As a flight attendant I fly a lot so it’s easy for me. I read a lot about the airline I’d fly with to the areas to stay in Kiev. I did it through which offer nice deals. My ex came to wait for me at the… Read more »
I flew to Odessa the end of May to meet a woman I was communicating with on this site. I stayed at the Duke Hotel and would highly recommend it. Great rooms, great rate and the staff all knew English. I actually had a great time with the woman, but she tried to scam me when I got home by asked me to send her $500 dollars so she could get a visa to come to America. I told her I would apply for a fiancé visa and she became angry, so I parted ways. I would encourage anyone to… Read more »

When I was 19, i started to travel by bicycle with my girlfriend. We didn`t stay any hotels. We used service that will provide u a place for an overnight stay. We done around the world travelling for 550 days and return to Minsk. We married here and still living here for now.