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18-year old Yana Dobrovolskaya has won the title of Miss Russia 2016. She will now represent Russia in the global Miss World and Miss Universe competitions.

Miss Russia 2016

The beauty queen was crowned with a luxury diamond-encrusted crown, valued at USD 1 million, which of course she will only be able to touch on stage. As her prize she won 3 million rubles (about USD $46,000) and a car Hyundai Solaris, Lenta.ru reported. The winner promised to spend the largest part of the money on charity.

What is more important for the young beauty is the chance to represent her country at the Miss World and Miss Universe beauty contests. Lat year winner of Miss Russia, Sofia Nikitchuk, became the Vice Miss World 2015.

Miss Russia 2016

Yana Dobrovolskaya receives the crown from Sofia Nikitchuk, Miss Russia 2015 and Vice Miss World 2015.

Miss Russia 2016

The 1-st runner-up is Yuliana Korolkova from Orenburg region (left); the 2nd runner-up is Yuliya Khoroshavina from Kirov (right).

Dobrovolskaya was born on December 8, 1997, in Tyumen. Her height is 174 cm (5’8”), measurements — 85-62-88. A remarkable fact is that her height prior to the contest was 172 cm (5’7”), which was not enough to take part in the beauty pageant. That is why she decided to hang from a bar. And thanks to her self-determination, she managed to increase her height.

The girl studies choreography in the Tyumen State College of Arts. She is going to be a teacher of choreography.

The beauty’s future profession is her true passion. Dobrovolskaya has been doing ballroom dancing for 12 years. Yana dreams of opening her own dancing school. She has ambitious plans to teach new dancing champions. Despite being so young, she is a European champion and a silver winner of the world championship in dancesport.

Yana also performed at the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Except for the title of Miss Russia 2016, she holds the titles of “Miss Intellectuality” (at “Miss Volga-2015” contest) and “Miss Russian Jewellery Network 2015”.

Miss Russia 2016

Miss Russia 2016

Miss Russia 2016

Miss Russia 2016

Miss Russia 2016

Photos: the official website of Miss Russia beauty contest, Instagram Yana Dobrovolskaya

Video: Miss Russia 2016 final — Backstage and the Brightest Moments



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Taking part in such a competition is a real chance for every girl to make her dreams come true. Congratulations to Yana, she deserves it. She had a goal and, because of her self-discipline and determination, Yana became a winner. Good luck in the next competitions!


All the Beauty Queens in the life are the ordinary girls …Yana is really very nice. But I think the stylists and make-up artists have worked hardly to create her image!


Well, in my opinion, Yana Dobrovolskaya is an ordinary nice girl. But she lacks expressiveness for this title. In everyday life, you can meet much more beautiful girls and women in Russia. She will not be able to win Miss for sure. She has no salt


In my opinion , Jana is very pretty girl. She deserves the victory. I think she’s a good person, she has many ambitious plans and it is very good. At such a young age Janf has achieved a great deal, not all people is able. She’s a smart girl and will do anything. Good luck to her.