Working Abroad: Where Ukrainians Go and How Much They EarnStaff author: Adilia S.

With the ongoing crisis in their home country, Ukrainians are getting more interested in working abroad. Working in a foreign country is a good opportunity for Ukrainians to earn money, experience new culture and perhaps change their lives.

Working Abroad: Seasonal Employees From Ukraine

Mostly, Ukrainians are interested in finding well-paid seasonal jobs in European countries, such as:

  • Poland
  • Germany
  • Lithuania
  • Czech Republic
  • France
  • Finland

Ukrainians are also looking for seasonal employment opportunities in Israel, United Arab Emirates, China, and Canada.

Usually foreign employers recruit temporary workers to carry out unskilled jobs, reported.

During summer Ukrainians who work overseas gather mushrooms, berries, vegetables, and fruit. Sometimes they succeed in finding jobs that require some qualification. They get hired as builders, electricians, industrial climbers, electric and gas welders, barbers, entertainers or educators.

The reason why the idea of working abroad appeals to Ukrainians is obvious. They simply want to earn more money than they are able to do at home.

Average monthly wages in Ukraine are about US $55-95 countrywide. The average income is higher in larger cities like Odessa or Kiev ($200-300), and lower in regional towns. A large portion of Ukrainian workers get wages in two parts, black and white: an official, “white” part, and a non-official, “black” part paid in cash. This makes it harder to monitor the actual income for statistical purposes.

It’s estimated that only 3 million of Ukrainians pay taxes in full from 12 million people who are employed. The population of Ukraine is about 42 million.

At the same time, an educator in Slovakia earns about $200 a month. A mushroom gatherer in Poland receives around $500 a month and a hairdresser in Dubai — $700. It means that Ukrainians may earn their average annual income for 6 months of working abroad, says Tatiana Pashkina, an expert from the Ukrainian job portal

The average age of seasonal job seekers ranges from 18 to 64 years:

  • 18-29 years — 23,3%
  • 30-44 years — 40,7%
  • 45-64 years — 35,1%

The majority of seasonal employees are males (70%).

Ukrainians spend earnings from seasonal employment on paying off their loans and buying real estate in Ukraine. Some funds are deposited and some are invested in construction (23%), restaurants (21%) and retail business (21%).

Seasonal migrants invested in Ukraine about $2,8 billion in 2014. In fact, around $3-3,5 billion were received through non-banking ways, states Pavel Melnik, an economist from Ukraine.

About 1 billion dollars was spent on buying goods for personal purposes.

In total Ukrainian seasonal workers earned around $6-7 billion in 2014.


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It is a well-known fact that it is easier to go to, for example, Europe to get education or some job from Uktaine than from Siberia. Especially for young people, because they are not afraid of any changes and can get wonderful results and earn much money.


The same mushroom gatherer would have earned about 1700 dollars around here (based on minimum wages and a 40 hour work week; and before taxes of course). But everything else is more expensive too.


Also it is an intersting fact that to GET a job ukrainians first have to PAY for a contact to the agency, which is usually up to 500 USD. Dont you think its all rediculuos? I really am very disappointed of my country and would not wish any human being to be born here, in Ukraine.


It is interesting. I am from the Ukraine, now I live in Belarus. I worked as a teacher in high school, but I received only white salary. Some of my friends are still working in Italy, as a housekeepers, and went there many years ago. If the government does not think about the economy and the workplace – what we must to do?


There good place – is where are no us. My mom said it to me. Ukrainians – are good workers, and if in our country, there would be good salary, nobody would leave our country. But now, our nation is too poor. If I would have a chance, I would’ve move away.


As a resident of Ukraine, I may add that the average salary in the country is terribly small. This is the why Ukrainian people prefer working abroad and earn bigger amount of money, than 100 dollars per months in Ukraine. Many Ukrainian girls work in neignbouring Russia, also in Europe (countries, presented above).


I’ve been to United Arab Emirates… And it is very hard to work there. People from other countries don’t have a lot of rights unlike native sitizens. Also it is impossible to get citizenship :(( Anyway this country is awesome!


I have been to Ukraine 1 time….to meet a woman – it did not work out. Odessa and Nikaliev. I live in the US, Florida, and there are many Ukrainians here. I have made good friends with Moldova man. I think what many of you say is true. Ukraine people are hard working, honest, and you have a rich heritage. It is too bad the economy is so bad that it makes you want to leave.