best-time-to-startDid you know that girls on our dating site usually only have one profile, but guys frequently have 2-3 or even more? For some reason, men feel it’s OK to post a profile that is not 100 % truthful, just “to check it out”.

Not only this creates a predicament for the women who write to “new” men who are never going to respond back (ladies get disappointed because they don’t receive answers, and may decide to stop initiating contact altogether — girls absolutely hate feeling “rejected”), but it also sends alerts about multiple profiles to our Help Desk personnel who approve your photos and questionnaire, who then have to investigate all your listings (yes, we can find all of them), and decide whether you are a legitimate entry or a scammer.

Stop wasting time

Why are you wasting time — our own and everybody else’s?

Nobody has it perfect. People just do it.

The majority of ladies who you see on Elena’s Models dating site today will be no longer available within 3-6 weeks. Thousands of women register and desert their online dating profiles after a few weeks, because they couldn’t meet a man they liked. You probably had them in your Favourites while browsing — well, you have missed the boat (and she missed on meeting you, too).

How many hours a day are you wasting looking at pretty pictures? How much do you usually earn per hour? How many hours would you need to work in order to pay for 3-month unlimited communication with 50 women — and find out for yourself whether it’s suitable for you? (3-month Gold membership on Elena’s Models is only $129, with no pay-per-letter and unlimited emails/chat.)

Who knows? You could be just the type of man she was looking for. But you passed each other in the virtual walkway, just like you may have passed other pretty girls in your life before, without even trying to make contact.

Tomorrow never comes

A recent joke we posted on Facebook said:

“The best day in life is tomorrow. Tomorrow we will start exercising and eating healthily, and spending less time in front of the screen and more time with kids. The only problem is, when you wake up in the morning, it’s always TODAY!”

How many of you guys think, “OK, next year I will do it. I will sign up and find the right woman for me.” This is what people in car crashes or the ones who suffered fatal heart attacks thought, too. Lots of them postponed their dreams until tomorrow, the next month, the next year. But we only ever have today.

“Let’s do it next year”

A week ago I suggested to my 13-year-old daughter to take part in the Gold Coast Marathon 2015. It’s a race in my home town in Australia, which I have ran a couple of times before, having completed a marathon and a half-marathon. This is why I am on their mailing list, and they sent me a last minute invitation. My daughter had been running in the mornings from time to time, and she wanted to do a race for years.

But when I offered her to do it next week, she said, “I am not ready. Let’s do it next year.”

We did it!

I said, “Let’s do it this year. Let’s run the shortest distance together. Let’s do 5.7 km (3.5 miles). You can simply walk it.”

After a short (45 minutes) resistance and a bit more of my gentle convincing, she finally agreed.

Today, on the day of the race, she was nervous. In fact, she was nervous the whole last week. But when we arrived to the start line at 8 am this morning, together with 4,000 other people, some of whom were very old, overweight, or very young (kids as young as 7 were running with their parents), she calmed down.

We started running together at the start, but after about 4 minutes she said, “You are running too slow for me. I am going ahead. See you at the finish line!” — and off she went.

She finished 7 minutes before me. After the race, she told me straight away, “I want to do another one next year!” She was so happy and proud.

The best time to start your search is NOW

Reaching the finish line may not be as hard as you think.

You will never be 100% ready. You don’t need to be the first. Your love search is not a race for a medal. You just need to make it to the finish line.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Tomorrow or the next week something may happen that will make it more difficult to find a partner in Russia or Ukraine. That’s the world we live in today. Just watch the news.

You are here today, so why not start immediately? It’s not that scary. Nothing is going to happen to you from the safety of your own home while sitting in front of the computer. Get in and you will quickly see how simple and easy it is, and you may even decide to run ahead.

P.S. Wishing a happy 4 July to our U.S.A. patrons! Have fun!


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While there is life there is hope. Sometimes people are so wierd. For example, one can wait curtain moment to move on but this moment never comes. We should appreciate each second of our lifes as life is given to us only once. Today is a good chance to find the life partner and soulmate as tomorrow may never come. 🙂


Really, it’s very important do not wasting time. The life is like a sand watch – sand is falling and the life is passing. I have my own experience of searching soulmate in the net. The number of women is very high and all of them are very beautiful. It’s very important do not miss out that one and only person who will make your life brighter.


I’ve read this several times and still don’t get it ; It beggars belief.

I just can’t see any benefit of mutilple profiles – quite apart from the time investment surely it’s not a good thing to start any relationship with dishonesty !

PS – Congratulations on the race 🙂

You made a good point about rejection; it is the rejection which I find hardest to deal with – not so much on myself but having to “reject” others. These are wonderful ladies and I fell bad having to reject them just because they are not quite right for me. Sometimes I will even accept the EOI and write another personal letter just to say sorry that I can’t continue the conversation and wish them success. I know your EOI rejections are polite but still seem rather impersonal. Actually “rejection” is the wrong word, more like just wanting to pass… Read more »

When I had prfile in site where peple meet their love I always asked my friends to write guys with whom I chated. If man was serious he wrote truth and did not speak with other girls.


I think, to be happy, we must always do anything. If you got the chance – find your man today, you have to take this chance now. Why do you delay your fateful meeting for later, if you can be happy now?


Loads of good points but you can’t place love on a timeline, it’s something that just happens. Be it within days or years.


I agree with this, the time is right to date right now.
I’m one of those who are bad for putting things off.
I joined the site awhile ago. Talked to some, and when I stopped getting responses, I came online less often.
Then I met someone, it didn’t work out, and now I keep putting off the idea of trying to date again. Even though for years I’ve said I’d rather have someone from Russia or Ukraine.
So now I need to kick myself in the butt, and get that membership.