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The common knowledge holds that Slavic women seek men abroad because they simply want to leave their home countries. This point of view is easy to argue considering the fact that there are plenty of Russian and Ukrainian ladies who live in the USA, Canada, Australia, or European Union, who join Elena’s Models to find a partner.

Why these women feel the need to seek a partner through an international dating site? They are already there, so why not just use online singles venues available locally?

Slavic women using EM want something serious

Both ladies who are still in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and other republics of the former Soviet Union, and Slavic ladies living in western countries use Elena’s Models because they want a serious, long-term relationship with a view to a lifetime commitment. They do it not because they haven’t had enough dating options or cannot find someone for fun at home, but because they genuinely want to settle down with one man and have a family.

Elena is a Slavic woman living in Europe.

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It may sound strange, but they see their single status as a problem, and wish to elevate it to the level of a respectable married lady and a mother. It is the general social view in post-Soviet republics that the only way for a female to be happy is to have a husband and children to love and cherish.

Dating online in western societies is viewed more as a venue to find pleasure and fun, rather than a long-term commitment. When Slavic women living abroad try dating local men, they find that most of them have this uncommitted attitude, while they want something more solid.

Why Western men living in Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus use EM


Alessiya is a Slavic lady living in the USA.

Yes, it’s true — we have western guys living in the post-USSR states who are using EM to meet women. What, can’t they meet them simply in real life, they are already there?

Contrary to the popular belief, most Slavic women do not wish to immigrate and although they may fancy dating a foreigner, they would not be interested in moving overseas. Many have families that need care, aged parents, or other commitments that prevent them from leaving the country. It is a very special kind of ladies that are open, curious, and brave enough to seek a partner outside national borders.

Another reason they are using our site is that they can easily meet women in real life, after contacting them through the site, as opposed to never-ending letter-writing through PPL sites.

This is why we have quite a few clients from western gentlemen temporarily living and working in the countries of the former Soviet Union, who are dating Slavic ladies online using Elena’s Models.


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Good to know. Now I can meet an old but rich Russian woman living in the USA so I can leave my home country. 🙂


all the american living ex russian/ukraine woman are very bitter against american, men had one even about cuss me out. and i didn’t even say anything mean

Laszlo Kovacs

I dont know how seriously young and beutyfull slavic women wants to go abroad, and why. Have on older man who is not a millioner chance to find a young beutyfull, caring slavic women for a partner who really want love, caring….everydays, and not just to live in paradise?

“Do not write to me if you are from the underclasses!” This is what the woman said in her profile, which I recently read on EM. At first, I laughed out loud and snorted with disgust. However, I came around to respecting her point of view, if not her manners. International dating is not for poor, lower middle class or even middle class American men (like me). This needs to be said out loud because I gauranty there are men on this site who have fanciful dreams of marrying a Slavic woman but who don’t have two dimes to rub… Read more »
Elena, Well, you offer your opinions most decidedly for so young a person!!!! LOL! You remind me of that classic R Kelly Song: “You Remind Me Of My Jeep” I hate think the value of my car could somehow symbolize the value of the woman I love. I only paid $1200 for my car, which is a truck. I bought it in ’08 off a used car lot on the mean streets of North Philly. It’s all my common law wife (former) and I could afford. It turned out to be a steal because it still goes when I turn… Read more »

I tend to agree with Elena on this,you know maybe to attract a woman 20 years younger ,which myself I am 46.yes I could see 100k who knows just speculation,myself i am on this site and my realistic age group I want is 39-46,and I have spoken to few lovely ladies my be honest its quite reasonable imo. And I make 58k a year.

Good Day, I’ve been following the recent exchange of views between Bob and Elena with great interest. Especially as I have some related experience as well. My views are somewhat similar to Bob’s views, whilst Elena view it from a female’s view point: A woman who is settled and happy in her relationship, with somebody obviously caring for her, this including in her financial needs. That’s the prerogative of a woman, so Good for her ! Do I / we all envy her to be happy and content. . of course ! Being a South African professional, I have in… Read more »
Hi Elena, Thanks for the prompt reply. I’m flabbergasted why you addressed me in such an argumentative manner, with some “strong insulting” thoughts in-between, as I only aired some views, never questioned your fees, never claimed to be smarter than the rest, never insulted anyone, and indirectly complimented you. I also simply highlighted that the once-off country-to-country cost should not be the sole consideration when debating dating costs (fair point ?). Well . .so many people so many views. Since this is a public domain, my apologies to you then for clearly barking up the wrong tree. By the way:… Read more »
It’s should be mentioned that “Income Inequality” exists everywhere. When you consider how large portion of population is poor or middle-class-poor, it makes clear that Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, etc. are NOT much different than so called Western countries. Homeless people are everywhere. Also, “In-Work Poverty” – when you have a job and still struggling to survive, especially because of extremely high cost of rent, water, gas, electricity, food, clothes, taxation, health and social insurance, paying bills, and other basic necessities in Western countries. While in Ukraine is possible to survive (only to survive, not to live decently) with USD… Read more »