Why Russian Women Dislike Russian MenThe notion that Russian women dislike Russian men is thoroughly untrue. In fact, Russian women like Russian men. If you ask them, they may even say that their men are the best in the world.

There are, however, some things that Russian females dislike in their male counterparts. Those are the issues that girls may complain about.

Main Things Russian Women Dislike About Russian Men

  1. Hard drinking

Alcohol abuse is widespread in Russia. Guys in general drink more than you may be used to, and they guzzle vodka undiluted. Vodka is cheap and therefore is the drink of choice. Ladies don’t like it, but for a man drinking a lot and not getting drunk is a badge of honour.

Main Things Russian Women Dislike About Russian Men

Ladies don’t like it, but for a man drinking a lot and not getting drunk is a badge of honour.

  1. Macho demeanour

Ultra masculine, aggressive behaviour style is the sign of influence for Russian men. If someone said something rude to you, you are supposed to attack them physically, if you are a “real man”. This causes a lot of traumas for Russian guys. If you are calm about someone offending you, girls will think you are a coward and may change their opinion of you.

  1. Physical abuse

Match hard dinking with macho demeanour, and it’s a perfect setup for physical abuse against women. If it doesn’t affect her, a Russian lady won’t have a problem with a guy having a go at another man, as this is part of macho style, which is respected. But when it turns on her, it’s another type of affair altogether.

  1. Cheating

Russian girls like guys who are good at courtship but at the same time they complain that men are sleeping around and cheating. In Russia, most people believe that ALL men cheat. It’s not an overstatement. They genuinely believe in it, and apparently, don’t see many exceptions to the rule. Russian women basically accept the fact that “all men cheat”.

But in general, Russian women like their local guys, enjoy being with them, love the way they court girls and many other things.

Main Things Russian Women Dislike About Russian Men

In general, Russian women like their local guys, enjoy being with them, love the way they court girls and many other things.

Then Why Do Russian Girls Seek Partners Abroad?

Because of the demographic imbalance. There are 87 men for 100 women in Russia.

The reasons for that are in habits of males that girls may find endearing at a young age. Risk, adventurism, and other behaviours are not conductive of long and peaceful life.

That’s why if Russian women cannot find a partner, they sometimes decide to broaden their horizons and see if they can find a boyfriend elsewhere. For example, in America, Europe, or Australia.


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It is no wonder that the fashion designer Lagerfeld said that Russian men are absolutely terrible .
” If I were a Russian woman , it would be a lesbian because men are terrible Russian in Russia – . . The country , where the most beautiful women in the world and the most horrible men “.


Stupid generalisation, Russian men can be the best, you can’t say that for millions of Russian men, my Russian friend is married to a Russian man and he’s an amazing loyal, loving man. Get outta here.


The following arguments can be made against any other men in the world, not only Russians. I personally believe that there are no bad nations but bad people, and it is also impossible to find a country, where only the “perfect men” are located. I have been living in the USA for almost 5 years, and do not like the men here at all. It is important for me to have a Russian husband, so that we can speak my native language, have the same kind of mentality and raise the children as Russians.

I just visited Kiev, Ukraine. I met a couple on their first date. The woman was gorgeous Realtor, the man, pretty average at best, and quite the party boy. We hit it off very well in my Hotel lobby bar. After drinking, it was time for the lady to go home, as she had to work in the morning. Yet it was decided that the man would take their new American friend to a bar and continue the night. We dropped her off and in 15 minutes we arrived at a brothel. I was astounded. Here is this guy with… Read more »

It seems to me that in this article, a lot of stereotypes. Russian men really like to drink hard liquor. But not all. In addition, not all guys are rude and aggressive. I was lucky in my environment a lot of good men.


Let’s not judge the book by its cover. This statements are just typical stereotypes. Russian men are really hardworking and careful. There is no any nation in the world which doesn’t drink or doesn’t like fighting while being drunk. Russians are not aggressive, they simply protect themselves and sometimes let out their adrenaline. That is all.


There are a lot of facts – men drink, there are a lot of facts of home physical abuse, and so on and so force. But, getting married in another country – it’s quite a lottery too. Especially, when your prince has another religion. Choose wisely. Are you ready for a lottery ticket?


Not every Russian man drinks alcohol. I postulate that in other countries men drink alcohol. It depends on a person. It doesn’t matter, where the person live. People are different. You can meet a good guy in Russia. Sometimes it isn’t necessary to find your love in other country.


Well, it seems pretty stereotyped, but drinking is a real problem in Russia.
There are scores of drinking men in other countries, for instance in Scandinavia. However the fact is that foreigners know the limits while Russians can’t stop when it is needed. That’s why girls seek partners abroad.


Sadly, a lot of Russian and Ukrainian men drink heavily and behave like savages. They curse constantly, spit on the ground, which I hate, don’t grow personally. My mother never married, she always says that it’s better not to marry at all, than marry an alcoholic. I’m dating currently a French guy and have nothing to complain about.


Wtf?? Not all men are bad in Russia, Iv met some ridiculously good looking men too, one guy looked literally like Superman, he’s married to his Russian wife and he loves her alot he’s not an alcoholic or smoker, don’t make generalisations.


Russian women like Russian men.