Why Russian women are the best, what Russian men thinkNo one can express Russian men’s attitudes towards women better than they can do themselves. I have discovered an article that I feel deciphers views of Russian men in suitable detail: Why they believe that Russian women are the best.

The author is Ilya Varlamov, a Russian enterpreneur. The original post appeared on varlamov.ru. The monthly audience of his blog is over 1.5 million people, the website claims. He is called the most popular Russian blogger, who worked personally for president Putin at one stage and received awards as the Russian blogger of the year in 2010, 2011. He is married and has a daughter.

If you are impressed, Varlamov offers advertising on his blog. You can buy a post from only 165,000 roubles ($2350) per post.

Here it is, the view of Russian men why their women are the best in the world, superseding any other nationalities. Compare it with the view of an American-born Russian girl on peculiarities of dating local men, and you will be able to get the whole picture, more or less.

Why Russian Women Are The Best

Why Russian women are the best

The Russian blogger is married and has a daughter.

(Original publication is dated March 2015)

During the last days fighters against sexism became somewhat active. I was preparing a very important post why Russian girls are the most beautiful. But now I am afraid to publish it. Only last week it would be just a regular non-offensive post. But now there is a risk that brutal feminists will burn me on the stake. However, someone should say that white is white, and black is black, and stop presumptuous sectarians.

Feminists, of course, will blame me in sexism. But that’s OK, it will be somewhat justified. Yes, I do believe that a woman should be a woman, and a man should be a man. And I am not ashamed. There is no and cannot be any gender equality, and all your attempts to equalize both genders are doomed to fail. You are trying to change the nature, and you will get nothing. Of course, maybe after many generations you will succeed through gender breeding in erasing gender differences, but it will be definitely not during our lifetime. And it’s good that I won’t see it.

No matter how much feminists complain, but children should be borne by a woman. “Horrible” situation, but there is nothing we can do. And feeding the child is her duty, and in raising [kids] women and men have different roles. The behaviour of men and women differ. The man is physically stronger, and the woman is weaker. That’s not something that sexists made up, that’s the nature of humans. In many questions men and women have different models of behaviour. It’s proven by scientists, but the sect of feminists keeps convincing us that the Earth is standing on three turtles. And I am not ashamed that I want my assistant to be a woman. For this humble desire “insulted women” nearly offered to jail me. The behaviour of feminists reminds me of a teenager who tries to prove that he is grown up by smoking and not wearing a hat.

It doesn’t mean that women are worse. I don’t think that women are less developed or stupider than men. They are simply different. And I cannot avoid noticing this. I am not against of a woman becoming the President of Russia, I would vote for this myself, if there was a worthy candidate. There is no need to limit anyone’s rights. But gender equality everywhere is not possible.


The Russian blogger doesn’t believe in gender equality.

Let’s take another example. I believe that a woman who smokes is disgusting. It’s just simply physically hard for me to watch when a woman is smoking. And when the woman tells me, “Why is that a man who smokes is not disgusting, and the woman who smokes is disgusting? Maybe you are a dirty sexist?” Well, because the woman is directly responsible for the continuation of the human kind, and her health is more important than a man’s. I don’t see anything bad when the society tries to protect women’s health, shielding them from hard work and harmful habits. Certainly, it’s not about legislatively prohibiting smoking by women. But don’t deny my right to feel disgusted towards women who smoke.

All these screams about discrimination by gender I consider absolutely fabricated. Yes, sometimes there is discrimination, but it is caused by natural differences between genders, and not by men’s stereotypes. Yes, I want a girl to work for me as my assistant, and for a security guard (if I need one after this post) [I want] a man.

When travelling through countries where feminism won, Europe or the USA, you have definitely noticed that there is something wrong with local women. They are simply unattractive. What’s the matter? This condition is caused by 50 years of sectarianism feminism, which in the West became quite ugly shaped. As the result, the woman is ashamed to be a woman. “If a man can be hairy and stinky, then why can’t I? Why can’t I dress like a slob and urinate standing?” the European woman thinks. They stop looking after themselves, accept manly behavioural patterns, and as the result lose any attractiveness. They are ashamed to dress like a woman, they are ashamed of their weakness, they are irritated if a man tries to look after them. In the USA it has completely overgrown into unhealthy forms. The so called “Sexual Harassment” when any action by a man can be considered as discrimination by gender. The harried men are forced to consume this product [called] feminism and cannot get away from it.

Fortunately, our society is still holding up. Our women are not ashamed to be women, and it’s beautiful. They can be weak and capricious, we can pay for them in cafes, open doors, send them home to cook borsch and give birth to children. And no one will judge you for that. This is why our women are the best.

This is what I think! And now you can scold me.

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Bravo! This is exactly why I am divorcing my American wife and seeking a Russian wife. You should not be scolded but applauded. Russia’s birth rate is now higher than America’s, and my 4 beautiful young nieces and one beautiful young female cousin wonder where all the good Americsn men are for marriage. I’ll tell you where they are: American men are afraid to date for fear of being charged with sexual harassment or rape, and they are afraid to get married for fear of getting financially and emotionally raped in divorce court and losing their children. My advice to… Read more »
Edmond Dantes
After reading the article, it seems the author is a bit. . . well on the extreme side of gender equality. Not to say that a large amount of feminist are not either but this article does not bring any more balance to the equation then an article that would or has already been written by a feminist I base my thoughts off of the simple idea that gender equality is about both women and men having equal opportunities to choose their own path in life and not having judicial laws interject to prohibit that. This article goes into the… Read more »

If the Earth is a skin that’s overrun, itching and scratching with a swarming disease called humankind, should we be concerned if men and women decide that they’re just not that into each other and that they’re going to give each other some time off? =))

I didn’t say I’m not into women. I love women! My question, admittedly a cynical question, has to do with the ever changing roles of men and women over time- what does it mean to be masculine or feminine? In our mechanized, automated world we’ve seen masculine and feminine roles change dramatically, especially in the last 100 years. Today there are some 7b people in the world. By the end of this century the UN estimates that there’ll be 11b people in the world, all of them looking for food, water, housing, energy. What will masculine and feminine ideals mean… Read more »
The author and article lacks any intelligence or he is just being purposefully insensitive. If this is his understanding of the role’s and standards for man and women relationships in Russia then it’s as close to being barbaric as you could get. The premise takes treating or perceiving women as a simply a “role” to be more feminine in the eyes of his male beliefs and this is what makes Russian women the most beautiful in the world is lacking a few brain cells. If he is genuine in his views and it is the view of Russian men then… Read more »

Unfortunately, there are millions of such idiots here.


Russian men often take for granted all the care and love they get at home and the just don’t notice it. After all it makes their “best women” dissapointed and they can start to look for an other man, may be from the USA or the Europe. Russian women are born and brought to bring happiness, joy, care and love to the family, they just need men who do care, too.


Unfortunately that is so true that Russian guys can’t realize how lucky they are. No surprise Russian women keep searching for a husband abroad, since what they mostly get with Russian men is just like in Madonna song “you took my love for granted”, as well as their kids, true care, and attention. So good luck to everyone looking for the real love and a happy family!

I want to say that I’m a woman and I totally agree with Ilya. The same with me – I don’t believe in gender equality. Feminists in Russia (and not only in Russia I think) are trying to turn our world upside down. Because of them women don’t get enough attention from men. I just can’t get against what they are fighting. We don’t need feminism in our first and second world countries! I think we have enough rights to live in these countries. But they want to make some stupid laws… They even try to change our great Russian… Read more »
General TK

I partially agree with you in that feminism is needed in the third world countries where there are a lot of restrictions against females. It is also needed in the developed countries in issues of equal pay ,treating women with respect,removing bias against women in the workplace. I support women with these ideas, but I do not support those that want all round gender equality, which I believe is just not possible.

As an American male, I don’t fully agree with this article. First, American women are spoiled from birth, second, they are also taught from a young age to be dependent, third, they do what is necessary to suceed. Yes in a country where it is this way and you go to a country that is the other way differences of opinions arise. A look back at American history shows where this comes from. Why keep half the population subdued when you do so much better when 100% of the population is engaged in making it better? Not even Russia or… Read more »
Me: – I am a 28 year old man – I am born and raised in Belgium – I live since 1 and a half year in Netherlands My views and beliefs: – I found that dating in Western culture is a game: there is always a winner or a loser – Going crazy in relationships is promoted in the Western culture, keeping traditional values is seen as boring – Discrimination goes both ways, so does racism and other terms (miss)used by minorities – Woman in Western culture are indeed afraid of being woman – Society in Western culture keeps… Read more »