Do You Want a Wife? Then You Need To Read ThisThe majority of men arrive to because they want to meet a woman for a long-term relationship. They want a wife, a family, someone to spend the rest of their lives with, to have kids together or enjoy life together.

If you want a wife, meeting Eastern European women may be a great idea. Russian, Ukrainian girls are crazy about having a husband, looking after a home and being a good wife. They live in a culture, which teaches them that for a woman being a mother and a wife is the highest value in life.

Just like you think that winning a lottery would be a dream come true, Russian girls think that having a loving husband and a “strong family” is all they need in life.

This is why when I see guys on some TV dating shows that really want to get married and have a family, I wish I could tell them: contact Russian girls on EM! They are absolutely besotted with getting married and taking care of a husband.

However, I still sometimes get comments from men that they struggle to make it happen. They do want a wife, they do wish to get married and settle down, but they are failing in this task even when they have thousands of women on the site who are more than eager to have the same.

Do You Want a Wife? Then You Need To Read This

The highest value of Russian and Ukrainian women is to be a wife and a mother. If you need a loving wife, meeting an Eastern European girl can be a good idea.

Why Do Men Fail to Find a Wife?

Because they simply go about it the wrong way. They have some expectations that are not realistic about what it involves and what they need to do.

What they need to do is very simple: just be open and tell women this is what you want — a wife, a family, to get married.

But they often concentrate on the details of the process and try to dictate, how it’s supposed to happen. It’s great to have an outline in mind but the point is, no matter how this happens, you are after the result, not the process. Right?

If you want to have a wife, simply do what needs to be done. And stop doing things that turn it into a mess. How simple is that?

Why does it happen?

If you dream of having a family and kids, then write about it openly in your profile.

All the information is readily available. I have spent months putting together the VIP coaching package, which gives you all the tools to succeed in your quest to find the right woman for you, who will stick with you through thick and thin.

This package includes the quintessence of my knowledge as a dating coach, the 17-year practical experience of running a dating service, talking daily to people seeking partners, both men and women.

It also includes the years of training in the field of Life Coaching (I am a certified Life Coach) and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming, or what they call now the science of neuro plasticity). I am a certified Master and Trainer of NLP. I have paid over 30 thousand dollars to train in this field, and you are getting the tools and the knowledge that is essential for reaching your goal, finding the right partner for you.

If you really want to have a wife and a family, this is the task that deserves investment and effort. You do want to get it right.

Get the tools and make it happen!



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It’s true that many women wish to have a family including husband, children. And I don’t understand why men can’t find a wife. I believe that if a person really wants to get married, it will not be a problem for him. He just should be himself and then this person will surely find a wife.


You are. clueless Margarita.I wish it was that easy! To put it plain and simple, most men want to find a wife and get married, the problem is that many women reject us for any reason,play silly mind games, and use us. If women weren’t not so complicated, there would be a lot of married men in this world.

I will join this discussion by writing that the best way to know Ukraine and Russia Federation women is to go there,stay for sometimes and study them. Ukraine ladies particularly are very difficult to go with for relationship. I just came back from Kiev on March 12, 2016. From November 17 to November 25, 2015, I was in Kharkov. I noticed in the two trips that the men do not associate with their women. I interviewed some of the men even the taxi man in Kiev, the reason they stay clear from women. Majority of the men gave answer that… Read more »
Elena Symeonidou

Nelson, I think you pay too much attention to the fact from which country is woman from. A woman from EVERY country in the world could turn a man to milking cow. It is not about nationality….




I don’ know why, but I’m sure that if a man wants to find a wife, it’s not a problem. The problem is that great number of men doesn’t want to be in such serious relationships. It’s much more easier to be with a girl until she decides that it’s time to level up the relationships. For men it is like an enormous sign screaming “just backpedal, bro! she is not what you need!”

Elena Symeonidou

About getting married… It is not easy as it might seem! I and my husband had to fulfill many stupid requirements of ladies from marriage offices to get married because they do not always know what kind of documents they need for international marriage. So for us it is hard to say what was more difficult: to get married officially or to meet each other and realize that we want to be always together.


2. I’m not sure that Russian woman so obsessed about marriage, I mean woman around their 40 probably, but not young Russian woman. They also care about education and job and career. But I agree some man can go the wrong way looking for wife. They should firstly understand what kind of woman is that and only after that think about marriage.