Dog owners are sexier, women believe.The new study says that pet owners are perceived as sexier by single people seeking love and relationships.

1210 single pet owners were recruited during the research to come to the findings.

The results are surprising: pet ownerships is seen by both men and women as a feature that makes a prospective partner more attractive in their views, Science Daily reported.

Women are more sensitive to the partner’s ability to care for someone: 35% of ladies stated that are more attracted to a person who has a pet. In comparison, only 1 in 4 men (26%) thinks that pet owners are more attractive.

However, not all pets are considered equal: Dog owners are seen as more attractive as compared to the ones who had a cat.

Out of 600 women, 500 stated that dog is the sexiest pet a guy could own.

It seems that cats and dogs not only help their owners to feel less lonely but also could be of assistance in finding a human mate.

The conclusion to single guys wanting a boost to their love lives is simple: If you would like to appeal to ladies, consider buying a dog.


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June Ch.
This is such a useful and practical topic to discuss and it works in a both sides. A long time ago I had a lonely period and was so melancholy, that decided to buy a dog. And suddenly my life started to change. I think it is all because of positive energy, that pets give us, people are becoming open and joyful near them, so it’s naturally, that the others notice person like that. What about the guys and their attractiveness with the pets..Girls think “Wow! He can take care of a dog, so He will be able to take… Read more »

June Ch.,
Girls think “Wow! He can take care of a dog, so He will be able to take care of me too!”
Or girls think, “Oh, I will have to care even about his dog!” 🙂
In fact, the presence of a pet means that a man is not an absolute egoist.


And what do girls think about men with a cat? :p


Men with one cat? 8D
I think a cat should have only one owner :DD
A man who has a cat is in the same situation that a man who has a woman. Tenderness, claws, softness, fangs, purring, yelling, weasel, whims. But no the sex. ;p


I changed my mind about men with cats. 8o


Wow, the dog on the picture is so pretty. But it is surprising to know that dogs are more attractive than cats. I think, they both could be so nice, so lovely. They both could be helpful. I have a cat, and I like it, that’s why I think so. You could play with them and hug them. Cats- they’re so fluffy. I can’t wait to have my own dog too. I’ve been dreaming about it since childhood. May be, I will be more attractive with both cat and dog.

Roy. H

Elina-3 you should get a dog, especially if you’ve been dreaming about it for a longtime. Dogs are always happy to see you no matter how late you come home :^ )
As far as a dog making you more attractive, i’d say maybe. If she had some control of the dog and taught the dog some ticks that would show dedication and love in my eyes.


I don’t think it works that way. Dog or cat? And how many? if he has 5 cats? Or just 3? Is it a reason to worry about him? The main signal for a woman is of course – he cares about a pet so he is a good person. But if i imagine i have to care about this pet in the future, too, i’m not sure i’m going to be this enthusiastic. So it’s good if you have common interests like dogs or cats and if not?


I’m wondering which race of dogs turned out to be more attractive? Some people are absolutely crazy about small races. But I like the sheep-dogs and other big races and associate them with the courage and strength.


I definitely agree with werra and I ‘d like to add that I think more than a half of women just love pets, so obviously you’ll have common interests and the guy who has a dog apparently will be attentive at least to his pet))