Victim of PPL Paid Chat Dating Sites Shares Shocking DetailsGuest author: Mike

I have been a victim of these PPL and “paid chat” sites for many years. I and many friends of mine have spent many tens of thousands of dollars on these sites.

The Top PPL Sites with Paid Chat

The top sites that have PPL and heavily push chat have the most young beautiful girls. I have met many real girls on these sites but the reality is 8 to 9 out of 10 of them are not actually communicating with you (the translator is) and/or are paid to go out with you.

I became friends with an owner of an agency and she explained to me that they are paid a percentage of the money that comes through the sites and they in turn pay the girls for meetings and the translators to “perpetrate the dream”.

Most men never follow through with coming to a foreign country to meet a girl, so these men’s fantasies are fullfilled from these fake PPL sites.

For those that do they pay a fee to get the girls information only to find out she is conveniently “out of town on a modeling assignment” or “having to visit a sick relative” when you arrive.

Some are paid to meet you but when you meet it is obvious that they are not into you although online they (the translators) were talking about marriage and babies with you. (or having sex when you arrive). Many men that come leave disillusioned and broke.

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How to Ensure Your Relationship Is Real

The easiest way to insure a relationship is real is to not have an incentive for the girl to talk to you.

If chat and letters are free, then how could they possibly pay a girl to be there?

That is why I came to Elena’s Models because in the Google forums men gave this website the best ratings for finding “true relationships”.

I went through 5300 profiles here that fit the range of girls I was willing to meet and found 52 matches. I sent a “favorite” to these girls to see how many would respond and I have a total of 1 person that responded from this list.

Now granted I have been on this site for about a week but I am disappointed at the results so far. I am starting to communicate with this person and it only takes one person to make you happy. I am used to, however, getting hundreds of letters a day from these PPL and Chat sites that are very popular but mostly full of scammers.

Dating a Woman 25 Years Younger

I do have money, look young, and feel I should be able to attract more girls to my profile.

I am, however, “50ish” looking for “20ish” and so I have set myself up for failure most of the time.

I also found that when I met girls from villages or towns less frequented by men from other countries instead of major cities they seemed more sincere. I know it does happen but I have realized it is unlikely that I will find love with an age difference of 25 plus years.

So I have raised the age of the girls I am looking for and although I am sure there are sincere girls in major cities – I am looking elsewhere to see if I have a better chance of meeting girls that are more sincere and date less frequently.

100K Dating Experience

I have been doing this on and off for 15 years. I am simply sharing my “hundred thousand dollar experience”.

Yes, I am the fool for spending so much over many years but I am still here because I believe in love and know I will find her here. And no matter what I spend nothing is as important as finding your second half that will make you whole.

So I wish the men that are looking here good luck and tell them to be more realistic and they will have a better chance to find real love.

There are many girls that are not 20 that are pretty and have fantastic qualities of being a great partner for life. Just look at the successful marriage pictures on any of these sites and realize the odds of finding supermodel with average guy 25 to 30 years older is like winning the lottery. It sometimes happens… but you can also get hit by a meteorite… lol.

Don’t give up though… your second half is waiting right around the corner… and with effort and desire you and I will eventually win.


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I have never tried these PPL web sites, so I don’t know what they are talking about, but if it is too good to be true then it probably is is a tautology.

Timooshka Robinson
At first I thought my experiences with ppl or ppc (pay per chat by the minute) sites were okay, except for the high cost. However, I was able to get two ladies to get off these PPL sites (to go to viber or vk or YH), which I have found is nearly impossible in most cases. You have to be very creative. I know now that I wasted a lot of time on these sites. On site C I discovered I was being completely conned by someone several months earlier on another site (site A). Her name was Tatyana and… Read more »
Timooshka Robinson
Elena, It is much worse that even this.. Now that I am reading your blog and that of others I see so much scamming going on. One woman (Anya) impersonated a model and she was very upset with me for rejecting her and not wanting to chat because I could see she was immature and manipulative. This is a woman who claimed to love me and was very vigorous about declaring this to me all the time. It was too over-the-top . I caught her in some lies. Later on she came back and got her so-called sister to ask… Read more »

I’m not trying to be a party pooper but there are some ladies on this site who I see on a particular PPL site. On the PPL they are professing their love and want to meet as soon as possible. On this site they don’t even notice me. So, we all have to be careful and wise at all times and everywhere! I, however, still think love can be found and will cautiously continue to search. I’ve met a few nice ladies here and am having some wonderful and real chats.

David Brunner
John, you have to be smart. You cannot expect Elena to protect you from scammers. Mr. Barry Pring met his lady here. You can google his name. May he rest in peace. No site can protect you from being stupid. If you know your lady is both here and at a PPL site, then you know the deal. As Elena says, she will either try to get you to leave this site and go back to her site where she can get paid. Or she will try to run the scam on her own. She will invite you to Ukraine,… Read more »

Hi Elena, did you used to live in South Africa in 2000? If you did then you are the lovely lady who helped in 2000


If I wanna waste my $100,000 on these type of sites, I’d rather either buy a Corvette ZO6, Maserati, or some other type of expensive sports car and not drive it, and if not that, a house and not even move in it, or an airplane and not fly it.