Ukraine is the cheapest place in the world for expatsUkraine can be a very attractive destination for expats. The country is rated as the cheapest place in the world for people wishing to live abroad.

The cheapest country for expats

Americans and Europeans relocating to Ukraine may be happy to hear that life in this country is extremely cheap.

This is confirmed by InterNations sociological survey. The company questioned 14 thousand people from 191 countries all over the world. InterNations is the biggest community uniting millions of people who decided to live abroad.

The region scores extremely well for the cost of living, reports.

Respondents think that Ukraine can be a perfect immigration destination considering low prices for food and rental housing.

The cheapest country for expats

Expatriates feel more than satisfied with the local prices.

  • 74% of respondents say that the income they have is more than enough to live there.
  • 45% of foreigners define the local life as very affordable.
  • 85% of expats admit they are happy to have such low expenditures.
  • 75% say that these advantages make immigration to this region quite reasonable.

Thailand and Taiwan are also in the top 3 affordable countries the expats are happy to live in. However, these are located in Asia and Ukraine is in Europe.

An average Ukrainian earns around USD $265 per month whereas the income of expatriates is much higher. No wonder that they find local prices so affordable.

Even if you’re not going to work there, consider the country as a traveling destination. It’s a unique place in Europe offering compelling sights and attractions. And where else if not in Ukraine you can get to know feminine, slender, and gentle women from Eastern Europe.

The cheapest country for expats

Eastern European women are mostly feminine and slender. On photo: Olexandra Kucherenko, Miss Ukraine 2016. Source: Instagram.


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And if you think prices in Kiev are cheap, Kiev is the most expensive city in Ukraine. Prices in other cities were much cheaper. You can ride trains all over Ukraine on a shoe string budget.


Kyiv itself is an expensive city. But if you travel to Karpaty of far east, you can find very cheap cities. For European people a rent price of 10$ per night is almost a miracle. ‘cos they are used to get only hostel for such money. And for Ukraine – it’s normal. So, they come here to enjoy summer sun, warm sea and friendly people.


Very good! We should be glad that so many people have found a suitable place to live with reasonable prices! Moreover, there are enough interesting places for visiting there and Europe is so close! People spend much less money for travelling there than the people from Siberia do.


Maybe Ukraine is a cheap place for people from other countries, but unfortunately the prices are high for Ukrainians. Today the average salary cannot cover even payment of utility services and food. But every person also needs money for buying new clothing, travelling and other important things. By the way, the average salary in Ukraine does not exceed USD $150. It is awful!


You are wrong. 150 is the minimal. Average is around 250-300$.