Ukraine approves lessons of family values at schoolsGuest author: Ekaterina Ustimova

Ukraine will introduce lessons of family values at schools. The new course will be included in the curriculum as an option. Special lessons are planned to be studied in grades 8 and 9.

Lessons of family values in Ukrainian schools

“A family values course is to be studied at schools,” a letter from Ministry of Education of Ukraine states. “Innovations are applicable to students of grades 8 and 9. The lessons are to be optional.”

The Department believes that the knowledge gained during the course will promote conscientiousness among the young people when starting a family, reported.

Not every child has a privilege to come from a perfect family. Furthermore, it becomes clear that there is no such a thing as a perfect family. And this is why Ukraine needs this subject. It will help kids and their parents to understand what is realistic and what not. Every family has its ups and downs. This is something that makes them special.

Lessons of family values in Ukrainian schools

Lessons of family values will help kids to create a happy family life in the future.

The new school subject will help Ukrainian girls and boys to create their own image of a family they would like to build one day.

The officials believe it’s essential that students enjoy the course. The material should give children an opportunity to express their own feelings and opinions about modern families. The teacher should listen to their students, create a safe place, and become a friend to whom they would be able to trust. The main point is that a family is not just people you live with under the same roof. Your family are your friends, your class at school, the place where you live, and your home grounds.

The authorities hope that the course “will promote the sense of responsibility among the youth”, the letter from the Ministry of Education of Ukraine states.

The initiative is not new. A while ago there was a similar course at Ukrainian schools called “Ethics and psychology of family life”.


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In each and every school teachers must organize such lessons. Kids have to know something very important – they are not alone in this world. Whatever happens, no matter how hard will life appear – there is always your family, where everyone will do everything to help.


I think this may be the most important lesson they could ever have. I wish we had something like this here in the US. The breakdown of the family and some real values is the biggest problem I see today in society.


I had the same course at the University – and it was great! Firstly, we giggled and wanted to have a nap during the lessons, but then almost everyone realized how important it was for a future generation. Even boys! The discussions were exciting!


I haven’t heard it before. You’re article made me glad. It’s so important, especially nowadays. Family is a base of life of any person and for good country living.