It Took 3 Days to Understand That We Cannot Live Without Each Other: Russel and Anna (USA, Russia)Staff author: Adilia S.

We are happy to have received one more wonderful true life love story. What a beautiful couple and an amazing romance!

Love Story of Russel and Anna

Russel and Anna met each other on in September 2015. Anna says that it took them only 3 days to understand that they could not live without each other. Within 1 month after the online meeting, her new friend from America flew to Moscow. Their feelings were so strong that he asked her to marry him within one week! The new couple booked plane tickets and flew together back to the USA. It was helpful that Anna already had a tourist visa to the States.

Anna admits that she never believed such stories and thought it could not possibly happen that people would fall in love after an online meeting and feel so strongly about each other. She couldn’t even imagine that one day she’d be writing her own love story on the website.

Anna and Russel got married on 30 January 2016. It’s 7 months from the moment they met for the first time and the couple is absolutely happy today.

Love Story of Russel and Anna

Their relationship moved incredibly fast: Russel and Anna got married in January 2016 after meeting online in September 2015.

Anna encourages all the users of the website to be positive about finding love online. Our happy pair’s story proves that your efforts will be rewarded. You just need to keep trying. “It’s worth it,” wrote Anna.

Several of Anna’s girlfriends were inspired by her story and joined Elena’s Models. They followed her example. Naturally, we all want to love and be loved.

Our membership options may help you, too, to find the girl you have always dreamed about.

Anna and Russel wish everyone kindness and love. Don’t give up and you’ll surely meet your perfect match.

Read the complete story of Russel and Anna.


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Lili Ka

It’s so heart-warming to read such kind of stories with happy end. <3 I believe in destiny and I think that is what really made them meet each other at a distance of two different continents. Wish them to stay always as happy as they are now and appreciate each other even more over the years.

Olly H

This story makes me think that true love actually exists! Inspiring and beautiful, as we all love. Got to say, these two are looking so happy together. I think every woman in Russia and Ukraine would love to build a family with a man like Russel, without any doubt.


What an inspiring story! In our technology epoch online acquaintance is one of the good ways to meet the love of your life. This story shows us really strong feelings. Bravery and insistence are the necessary components in finding your affection. Wish this couple a long happy life!