Elena’s Models photo contest has its 8th finalist! View top-10 gorgeous girls of November photo contest below.

December competition entries are open

Enter December photo contest now and you could be our next winner!


  • Prize of the month: US$500
  • Prize of the year: US$5,000

The winner of the yearly Elena’s Models photo contest will be determined very soon in early January! Just a few weeks left until we discover which picture takes the prestigious title of the best photo of 2017.

Top-10 ladies of November photo contest

E2147613345 Marina (Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia)

E2147608955 Tina (Artashat, Armenia)

E9192977 Anastasiya (Uzbekistan)

E2147532377 Yuliana (Astana, Kazakstan)


E2147629303  Elena (Valencia, Spain)

E2147620115 Anna (Astana, Kazakhstan)

E2147607422 Zhanna (Simferopol, Ukraine)

E2147599063 Regina (Kazan, Russia)

E2147629107 Evgenia (Moscow, Russia)

WINNER of November photo contest

E8907630 Tatyana (Moscow, Russia)

Winner November photo contest Elena's Models

Our congratulations to the winner! Tatyana has entered the contest several times and our professional jury was impressed by her efforts. If you tried before but didn’t succeed, this time you may be lucky to score the prize.

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Anastasiya Potekhina

От всей души поздравляю Победительницу ноября – Татьяну! Это была заслуженная победа! Отдельное Спасибо Elena’s Models за такой чудесный конкурс) В Декабре ждите опять)