Food Russians love

Food Russians loveWhich cuisine would be your first choice for a gourmet dinner? If you are Russian, then your proffered meals would be Italian. Apparently, pasta and pizza are widely adored by travelers out of Russia. Over a third of people in a survey stated this was their most adored foreign cuisine.

Russian tourists’ most loved food

Tourist service Skyscanner revealed the preferred cuisines of visitors from Russia.


  1. Italian: 38%
  2. Georgian: 16%
  3. Thai: 12%
  4. Greek: 10%
  5. Chinese: 5%
  6. Japanese
  7. French
  8. Spanish
  9. Mexican
  10. Arabian

The results might surprise a true gourmet traveler, but 500 respondents in the survey by the travel agent gave the strongest preference to Italy as a place with the most delicious food, reported.

Georgian food includes the famous shashlik  (pieces of meat pre-marinated and then barbecued on metal sticks over open fire or hot coal), the favorite of out of town day trip cooks. For some reason Russians only make it “in the nature” but not at home. If a group of friends decides to have a picnic in the woods or on a lake, this is the dish that will be on the menu. It’s a day time picnic party choice.

Making shashlik.

Shashlik is cooked over hot coals.


Traditionally shashlik is made of lamb. But it can be also made of beef or pok, or even chicken.

Thai food may have taken the place in top-3 because of high popularity of the country among Russian tourists. Although it is enjoyable indeed. Thailand is very popular as a holiday destination, especially during European winters.

Japanese cuisine is mostly known by sushi, which not long ago became trendy in Russia.

French cuisine took 7th place; the result that French will certainly frown upon.

Israeli and Hungarian food also got mentioned frequently enough by survey participants.

And, of course, lots of respondents in the research mentioned Russian cuisine. In foreign countries Russia’s natives love to find a restaurant offering borscht and pelmeni (even though the red cabbage soup “borscht” is a Ukrainian dish, Russians consider it their local staple).


The famous Ukrainian borscht is made of beetroot, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, and broth.


The national staple pelmeni look a lot like Italian ravioli. The dumplings include stuffing that is made mostly of meat (usually minced beef mixed with pork).

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Japanese is only rated 6th, really? I could live on it! If I only had enough money to have sushi every day for my dinner… Yum yum!


As russian girl i can say that russian people like all kinds of food if it is not exotic like fried cockroaches. I prefer mostly italian and japanese cuisine. From georgian it is shashlic only popular meal. Fron other cuasines i even don’t know any food.


As for me I prefer Georgian and Italian cuisine. I like pelmeni, their shashlik made of lamb and of course Italian pizza. My family members also like these dishes especially my daughter.


Almost everything that stands on the festive Russian table is taken from French cuisine. So, the French cuisine is in 1 place, and let the author of this post forgive me. And I personally really love Thai food.


Everyone loves Italian food! It’s sort of basic and doesn’t have any exotic ingredients in the majority of dishes. Also it’s easy to cook. But I think that Japanese cuisine is the most popular one in Russia right now. Probably even more popular than it is in Japan.


I think nowadays in Russia japanese and chinese cuisines are much more popular than they are rated here. There are lots of restraunts where you can eat sushi and rolls and more and more young people enjoy different types of noodles and other spicy chinese food. Maybe it’s the influence of the pop culture, isn’t it?


I’m a big fan of Italian food. I love spending a lovely evening with family or friends by watching an interesting movie and eating Italian pizza (it’s even better with a glass of wine). I also really enjoy a very famous Italian dessert called Tiramisu. It is so delicious, especially with coffee.