maria-francescoUsually pairs email us their wedding photos soon after the marriage. This lovely couple sent in their story 6 years after their meeting on Elena’s Models dating site.

Maria says it was “love from the first photo”. Francesco lived in Barcenona, and she was in Moscow. After in-depth correspondence and many Skype conversations, they met for the first time in Maria’s home town, rented an apartment with a view to Moskva-river, and had spent together a whole months.

1 month after Francesco’s return to Spain, Maria visited him and had stayed for 3 months. They were spending together as much time as they could, and after knowing each other for a year, married in a beautiful romantic setting of a 16-century castle.

They tried to send their story at the time but couldn’t find the form on our site, forgot about it, and moved on. But 6 years later, ahead of their 5-year wedding anniversary in July 2015, Maria put in her browser window and posted us a message. “I had to send you my thanks for helping us find each other. Even though it’s been a long while, better late than never! 🙂 ”

So, here is another answer to the question some sceptics like to ask, Do these marriages last?

Like with any relationship, it depends on the two people and how much they want to be together. If you both want the same things, your relationship will work out!

Read the complete story of Maria and Francesco


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It’s amazing that such things happen in life! To tell the truth I haven’t believed in such things before just because of the fact that I know a lot of people who meet very often with different people and as a result – they waste time or do it for fun or something else. I really don’t understand why they do it. But may be it is truth and everything really depends on people. I was really pleased to read they story of this couple. I want to wish them big love and great happiness in their life. I wish… Read more »

I had been suspicious about online dating services until my aunt found her husband through the Internet and they have been happily married for 9 years already.
This story is one more prove that dating services help people find each other! Who knows, maybe your real love lives on the other side of the planet and you’ll meet one day: first in the Internet, then in real life!


So nice to hear these two people are happy! I know some friends met their beloved via internet and they are still together. So, it’s worth trying and find your love by late 30-40s rather than to stay forever alone. Sure today more and more people get aquatinted via social networks than in real life. And there’s nothing to be afraid of.


Not everybody can find his love in real life because of different reasons. Dating sites give good opportunity for people to get acquainted with each other. Often such acquaintances lead to marriage. I also met my husband in internet. We are happy together and have a wonderful baby daugthter. Do not be afraid to search a partner on dating sites! May be you find there your real love.


Very nice story! I always had a dream to find my soulmate from other country using international dating site. But I had doubts about how everything works in the net. Now I see that it really works. It’s real to find lifetime partner, know each other, spend time together and make a happy family life.


They look very beautiful together! And it is the best advertisement for any dating site. Such stories must happen and be published here to show people that here they can find their real love. I will write my single friends up for this resource.


Altogether, it’s a good example of succesful meeting by dating site. To tell the truth, sometimes people just can’t find their love in real life because of people’s misunderstanding.
Indeed, you often can fool your mind and wait that dreams will come true, but you can’t fool your heart which always makes to look for your love!
Love is waiting for us where we do not expect it. Just let it be!!