Tip Top, It's a Flop — Men Who Get Girls vs. Guys Who Get RejectedAdministrators who approve profiles on Elena’s Models have a job that requires to review lots of listings and read tons of texts, check hundreds of photos daily.

And it is easy to see immediately whether the listing will be a success or a failure with ladies. Men who get girls differ dramatically from guys who get rejected.

Your Profile at a Glance

Women often reject guys without even reading their profiles — the only piece of information they are basing their decision upon is your thumbnail photo.

If you send a lady your EOI or a mail, she may not view your listing but click “No” or “Delete” instantly, because she didn’t like your photo. If you do not have a photo, this alone can be the factor that makes the woman reject you: Many women feel that guys without photos in their dating profiles on the site are not serious.

However, it’s not your actual looks that create the impression, but the overall quality of your photo: Guys who are dressed neatly on their main photos get a better response than men who look scruffy.

dating profile 1

Guys who are dressed neatly can get basically any woman.

If your photo passed the first glance, she will click on it and read your profile. The areas that women are most interests in:

  • Education
  • Profession
  • Marital status
  • Desire to have kids
  • Presence of kids
  • Absence of criminal record
  • Knowledge of languages (if you can say even a few words in Russian/Ukrainian, include it)
  • The type of relationship you seek

These things also take just a couple of seconds to check.

If she doesn’t like these details or they are missing, she may also click “No” quickly.

Going Deeper

Russian women for marriage story

Do you want to be the guy who gets the girl? Follow the simple rules.

If the overall impression of your profile is OK, she may read what you actually have to say. This is not a given — girls who get lots of requests obviously have less time to check all the details, so if you only sent an EOI (Expression of Interest), she may answer “Yes” based purely on the data above.

If you have sent a mail, this is where she will read your profile in detail before deciding to proceed further. It may also happen at this point that she finds something she doesn’t like and decides not to go ahead.

This is why you always want the most important things to be showing clearly in the beginning of text in your Message, Interests, Personality, and especially Partner requirements.

Don’t put anything negative there: I have seen guys saying there things like, “No Ukrainian women please, I found them all to be scammers” etc. Anything negative you say in your profile pushes away people regardless of whom it is addressed to: It simply shows you are aggrieved, and probably not a nice person to talk to.

Guys Who Get Girls

Guys who get girlsThere are some guys on our site that can get basically any girl or woman.

  • They have smiling photos in a formal light shirt and a jacket, which are good quality and bright.
  • They also have positive, upbeat profiles that don’t offend anyone.
  • They talk to women respectfully.
  • They do not lie to score.
  • But they also think how to express what they want to say, so that it sounds good. (Most men have no idea how long something they said san stay in a girl’s mind!)

Do they get mails from women they don’t like?

Sure, every person gets contacts from people they are not interested in, but these are easy to reject or sort out.

If you want to be the guy who gets the girls, simply do the same.


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Interesting theories there. For what it’s worth, I have found that the biggest problem is that many women post about how they want an honest, genuine and sincere man. But when they are actually presented with one, it turns out that they don’t really want that at all! It just sounds good in a profile! I am that kind of guy. Always have been. My heart is on my sleeve and I believe in honesty and sincerity. Don’t get me wrong – no one is gonna walk all over me and I’m happily confident. But I possess the qualities that… Read more »
I might be exaggerating a bit, but let’s be honest: you won’t write a message to a girl who is fat and dressed like a slob, even if she is nice, sweet and smart. There are dozens of other girls who are smart and sweet, but are beautiful too. And it’s the same for us. You might be honest, genuine and caring, but there are a dozen other men writing her with the same qualities but who are also neatly dressed and know what to say to a woman. There are two things you can do to improve your chances:… Read more »

Lee, serious? You want a 38 year old woman? You are of different generations… Look for someone around 45 and you will succeed. Generally, 5-9 years difference is okay. There are not many women who look for a bigger age difference unless they are scammers – and if they do you need to be filthy rich.

I have read the blog but I somewhat disagree with those reasons. Russian ladies mostly look at a man’s status as in how wealthy he is not the education or even the dressing. I live in Houston Texas and I have stumbled into some Ukraine ladies in this site. I have even gotten intimacy with some of them and from their discussions, many of them are not really keen about marrying a man but to make money from him. At the end of it they get landed into serious trouble. Russian/ Ukraine ladies are naive in that they do not… Read more »
Nelson, I think you are wrong. I had a bankruptcy in 2009 and have struggled to get back on my feet. I even thought that I might got on here before I was financial ready. It turned out that the women I corresponded with did not care (I was honest from the very first conversations on Skype). The woman I am with now was corresponding with a man from France as well. A very rich man, who has a huge mansion and even a private jet. She chose me! Not him. Why? Well I was more sincere, did not try… Read more »
Good dressing impresses everybody. Men have respect for women. Russian and soviet union ladies are more trusted and clean everywhere no matter what. I went to Kharkov and the one I met there are very clean in terms of taking care of themselves. So if a woman takes care of herself and dresses to impress, how will she go for a man that does not do same. As the saying goes, ” the way you dress tells how you will be addressed. Soviet union ladies know the meaning of relationship unlike western women. Soviet Union lady will never take money… Read more »
These are good points made by all who contributed here…so I will add some things that may help both men and women here…First of all I think the main premise of Elena’s original blog is spot on….woman are highly visual creatures…A woman can look at a row of photo’s and make a very quick decision based on a mans photo before reading a word about him. Like it or not this is a rule and men must accept it and act accordingly if they wish to open a dialog with the girls they want. Before i go on I think… Read more »

Jon: Some of the your advice is good, as is your attitude, but renting a car is just plain stupid. Fly to the nearest big city, then buses/marshrutki, then walk. You have no idea what a hassle it will be the day you get into an accident with that rented car without speaking fluent Russian.

Hi Elena. I agree. Especially about the being honest in a profile. Before I came to your site, I also was on some PPL sites, I quickly was suspecius though, cause I got A LOT!! attention. But this is another story… When I found your site, I saw your comparisons, you write that the difference would probably be that a man needed to take initiative to get contact. So I was actually not very optimistic about my chances. What happened amazed me. I got a lot of attention on your site also. Women was writing me or sending EOI almost… Read more »