The Life of a Freeloader — Dating Site TalesAny dating site has some freeloaders — people who are trying to get something for nothing.

In fact, freeloaders are not unique to dating sites — that’s a lifestyle.

“I Want The Best, and I Want It Free”

Recently there was a comment on the blog. It came apparently from a Russian man: “Please advise me a dating site, which has no bots, with real girls, and it must be absolutely free.”

I would have published this comment and answered it, if it was not in Russian on the English blog.

On today’s Internet, “free” means that the business makes money in some other way, usually through advertising — otherwise it cannot exist. Do you see plenty of ads on the site? No? If there are no ads, the site cannot be free. For starters, the website’s hosting and software cost money. If there is any kind of customer support, it costs money in salaries to personnel.

If you want profiles to be moderated and checked, and you don’t like dating sites that are full of scammers, then it costs more.

“Contribute To a Discussion and Get a Free Contact”

We used to offer a promotion to our members from time to time: Get a free contact (allowing unlimited communication with 1 woman on our dating site) in exchange to participation in a discussion on the blog, to promote articles and tips. It allowed us to collect some opinions from men (women comment a lot without prompts), and it was a fair exchange — or so we thought.

Until a couple of guys started arguments over the free contacts they received, demanding to have them replaced, because the woman they contacted didn’t answer, or her profile was deleted.

Seriously? You got something for free, and now you complain that it wasn’t what you wanted, and you need the ability to exchange it?

We decided to check the records: From all the guys who ever got a free contact in exchange to contributing an opinion on the blog, none of them ever purchased a membership. Not a single one.

Freeloaders. They are just sitting there, spending tens of hours on browsing and apparently deliberating how they can get something for free. Instead of spending a couple of hours to earn some money and purchase a service, which actually does involve quite a lot of work by the personnel: Personal interviews, technical support, profile moderation and checks, software development and upgrades by engineers and programmers, design and graphics by artists, etc.

The Future of a Dating Site Freeloader

Frankly, a freeloader is unlikely to meet someone. If he believed he could meet someone, wouldn’t he simply sign up, like all the normal people?

Some freeloaders try to sneak their contact information in the text of their profiles or inscribe it on their photos. But think about it: Would you, being a sincere member, have the desire to make contact with someone who is trying to break the rules? No. So, the only type of people who would be happy to decode a message from a freeloader are, realistically, scammers.

In the industry of international dating, I do not know any dating sites that are worth using, which are free.

In any case, if freeloaders were to meet someone internationally in Russia or Ukraine, how would they plan to meet? If they don’t have the money to pay the subscription fee, they probably won’t have funds to organize a personal meeting either. So, by trying to meet women from Eastern Europe, they would be just wasting girls’ time and effort, since there is no real intention to build a relationship, but only an attempt to get some online entertainment — for free.

What a pointless waste of time and life’s energy. Surely, genuine people seeking love deserve better.


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