The Big Shot, Spotlight movie scripts win 2016 Oscar awardsTwo scripts for scandal-revealing movies won 2016 Oscars. The best picture award is also taken by one of them.

Spotlight, which won the best original screenplay and the best picture, revealed the scandal around child abuse by Catholic priests.

The Big Short, which won the best adapted screenplay award, depicted the fraudulent scheme around the American housing market. It also took producers guild award for the best picture.

It’s indicative of the current climate of increased transparency within our societies where fraud and abuse are getting harder to hide.

I am looking forward to seeing fake Russian (Ukrainian) brides setups being exposed in one of the future installments of Die Hard or any other adventure or action franchises.

Or maybe we will see a comedy where an aging American visits Odessa only to find out his loving Ukrainian fiancée has never wrote these hundreds of letters and chats but a former teacher of English, now a pensioner, was sending him the love confessions he fell for? Or let’s make the writer a young Ukrainian guy, a student who tries to earn some extra cash by entertaining dreamy bachelors from foreign countries. Maybe a comedy is a more suitable movie idea.

Thousands of people are employed in the dating chat industry in Ukraine. Each of them has plenty of stories to tell, in addition to their own. How did they find themselves earning on dreams of distant foreigners? What led them to suspending their values and joining the scam? How their lives changed?

Anyway, I am excited to see my favorite movie of 2015, The Big Short, getting the recognition. Adam McKay has his well-deserved Oscar.

Spotlight, directed by Tom McCarthy, is also a great picture, with an excellent cast and storyline. We need more truth and should not be afraid to talk about problems.

Russian short animated film We Can’t Live Without Cosmos, nominated for the award, didn’t win.

The Ukrainian feature documentary Winter on Fire, also nominated, described events during Maidan in Kiev. Regretfully, it did not become the favorite of Academy members, but even a mention is a good thing. Another setback awaited the crew of the film: the director lost tickets to the ceremony of Oscars and no one was able to attend, reported. That’s a “once in a lifetime opportunity” lost. Oops!

And, of course, everyone was waiting for the best actor prize: Will Leo win? He did, predictably.

This year revelation movies are big winners in 2016 Oscars. Real life not fantasies is what captivates attention of audiences and filmmakers.


Best picture Oscars 2016 Spotlight

Oscars 2016: The revelation movie Spotlight won the Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay awards.


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Hooray! My best regards Leonardo DiCaprio, he did it in the end !!! This year’s Academy Award was full of surprises. I am very glad for my favorite new film Spotlight, it has very exciting really scandal plot and excellent cast. This film is worth seeing everyone. It’s a pity that our Russian animated film We Can’t Live Without Cosmos couldn’t become a winner, I hope that Russian makers will be more lucky next year!


Die Hard with fake Ukrainian brides might be funny. :p


Hm.. I really don’t know why people are so concered about Leo’s winning… Year, he is an exellent actor and he really deserves an Oscar, but there are a lot of other perfect actors who don’t have an Oscar yet.


I must confess that I watched the Academy Awards 2016 just because of Leo! No more jokes about him and his way to the Oscar anymore, who’s next, hehe.
Joking aside, I was trully impressed by his speech about climate change! It was the right time to say that. Congratulations also go to amazing signor Ennio Morricone who finally won his first Oscar as a composer! Morricone is 87 years old now, so it’s never too late to achieve something great in life as we can see.


Though now late, but I too join in congratulating Leonardo! Yeaah he really deserved to get the win! It’s funny to see 6 wins for “Mad Max”, I love it. It’s a pity that Tom Hardy hasn’t won an Oscar for his role in this movie. Now looking forward to next Oscar!