Best age to meet Russian womenTheoretically, you can meet a Russian woman of your dreams at any age, from 18 to 80. Practically, however, this isn’t quite true. Men of some ages have better chances to meet ladies from Russia than others.

Russian women 25-39

The most motivated ladies seeking partners abroad are the ones that want to have a family and children, and feel that their biological clocks are ticking away. Thus, Russian women of ages 25 to 39 will be eager to meet men of various ages, as long as you are willing to give her a child, and you are not more than 10-15 years older than her.

As such, if your own age is 30 to 55, you can meet a woman from this age group easily.

Men 30-45

If your age is within this magical group, women of all ages, from 18 to 60, will be happy to talk to you, meet you, and maybe also have your babies and cook your meals.


  • Men 30-45 are already established in life but still are young looking.
  • They are in their prime time professionally and financially, having completed education and gained experience.
  • Russian women prefer a man to be about 5 years older, and your age will match the group of women 25-39 y.o. perfectly.

Do you belong to this magic cluster of males who are 30-45 years old? Don’t hesitate to sign up for Elena’s Models membership, as our girls cannot get enough of guys like this.

Men 18-29

Your age is working against you, because women don’t believe you are mature enough to really want a family and kids. If the lady is very young (under 22), she may still be OK if you offer her travelling the world together, and then having children later, but the majority of women over 25 want kids a.s.a.p., because Russian women believe in general that they should be married with children by the age of 24 (surprise, surprise!). Read this research, it’s the fact.

  • To improve your chances, make sure you spell out in your profile that you are able to provide for a family and you are serious about finding a partner for a committed relationship for life.
  • If you feel you are more mature than men of your age, it will help to include this information in your profile as well.

Men 46+

Men of this age seldom want children, and this is why Russian women may not feel such a strong attraction towards you. In the words of one Russian lady, “If a man doesn’t want kids, I close his profile immediately. A man who doesn’t want a family is just a waste of time for me.”

  • If you do want kids or don’t mind to try, you can easily meet women 35+ who still desire to give it a go as mothers. Right now the Russian government works hard to promote the idea of having 3 or more children as the only way to experience the true happiness as a mother (in the face of the nation’s dwindling population). This notion drives many women over 30, who already have children but have no partner, to seek men who can help them fulfil this TV-dream of complete contentment.
  • Not sure about kids? We have quite a few ladies over 40 on our site who state their goal is to become mothers, and they need a partner for that, as the child is “the fruit of love”. Many of them have never been married. They are so desperate to “create a loving family” that they may overlook a larger age difference if you promise them that you are happy to try for a child.
  • If you do not want children but don’t mind if the woman already has a child, then you may be able to meet a single mother who wants to have a “complete family” (consisting of a husband, a wife, and kids), which she also believes is absolutely necessary to be happy. Be prepared she still may want another child, so this should be discussed in advance.
  • What if you do not want children at all? There are some women who do not wish to have kids, but not many. Women over 45 may have already given up on this idea, so if you really want a partner for life, they may be the most appropriate age group of ladies, who are also seeking a man to simply enjoy life together.


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Number is just a number sometimes. Listen to your heart and trust your gut. You never know who and what age will make you the happiest person. Good luck!

This is a very good summary of the goals of Slavic women and illustrates to me the fact that romantic love is not central to what these women want. They are beautiful women and offer the sales pitch of romantic love, but ultimately what they seem to want is babies and a “family unit.” I recognize this is both biologically and culturally programmed into them. But it saddens me. Wanting a man for babies and “family” is no better than a man wanting arm candy and to get sex. I think we all need to be wiser than our DNA/Cultural… Read more »
A lot of people, like myself, view having a family as a natural part of romantic love. It blows my mind you would talk down to people (men or women) that want to have a child with someone they will care about. Having a family is very important to a lot of people, and some women would like that to be a part of their future, as would I. Would I marry a woman who didn’t want to have kids? No. That doesn’t mean I don’t care about romantic love. It means that I care about compatible goals.

I agree.

To develop “romantic love” you first have to be compatible. It’s hard to love someone if you always disagree.

!!! что-то случилось с моим компьютером и мой предыдущий комментарий пропал. если в системе будет 2 похожих коммента, разместите этот пожалуйста! это примечание можно убрать 😉 Almost every Slavic lady at this age range – 28-45 y.o. – wants a baby from her husband, unless she already had kids in her previous marriage. Without children a family is considered incomplete. And of course, a lady will not waste her time for a man with “married/ separated” status, because she wants to marry herself and if a man has this status, it’s impossible. Moreover in my country no Embassy officer gives… Read more »
Excuse me ppl, but 53 y.o man looking for a lady, 15-35 years younger than him, still married/separated and complaining that those young women want to have kids and family (though it’s natural), but not “romantic love”, make me wonder “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” Find a lady closer to your age, who already mother of one or several kids, who maybe married/separated too, who already lived best moments of her life and now is searching for a gentleman to share “romantic love” with. If ppl love each other they want to share all tender and sweet emotions with each other,… Read more »
Nice article, Elena – thanks! I think the age range people select on their profiles is aso very important information about that, and while there may be cultural differences, there is also Biological reality. For example, if a woman says, “age doesn’t matter” and selects 18-80, given the perceived motivations some women might have for wanting to marry, an intelligent man would see that as a red flag suggesting dishonesty or a lack of understanding of how relationships grow over time. Of course, there are exceptions to any “rule of thumb”. It is important to understand that there are many… Read more »
In general I agree with the things and examples, presented here. The majority of Russian ladies I know are just like the described ones. But fortunately, my case is considered to be an exception to the listed rules, since I met my husband (I am Russian and he is from the US) when I was 19 and he was 26. Besides, unlike other girls, who are obsessed with kids and pregnancy I am neutral in this question, maybe even not interested, just like my spouse. The most important thing is that we sincerely love each other and have good time… Read more »

I believe that age is just number in passport. It can be harmony in couple with big age difference and total misunderstanding between those who are almost the same age. There are lots of other things which are more important than age for building strong and loving relations.


This is my two cents everyone! I find all the feedback to this conversation interesting and without offending anyone I respect all cultures, background, goals and beliefs in life. I think one thing is important to remember that we are all different, and happiness can mean many things to each individual … if you can find that great combination between a man and woman in life and share the same dreams and goals and be happy, the magic things can happen, including family … or maybe not!


It’s true that the majority of Russian women seek the partner to create family and have kids. But there are always exceptions. My best friend doesn’t want to have kids at all though she is 30. She hasn’t been married. She is seeking a man for serious relations, but not obvious marriage. So men who don’t want kids, you’re welcome!


I am completely agree that 30-45 is the best age for men to find a Russian or Slavic woman for the relationship because men of this age are pretty adult to care for the family and provide it. Also I believe that they are enough ready to have children.

Read Anna Karenina for what happens when a woman puts marriage and children first. Yes, women want children, but they want sexual love too, and only a few women are lucky enough to marry a man for whom they feel sexual attraction their entire life. For most women, the attraction dies after a few years and eventually the woman comes to hate being touched by the man. In Russia/Ukraine, the women is thrown into poverty if she divorces or is divorced because she seeks sexual love outside the marriage. In America, the husband is impoverished by the divorce/child support system,… Read more »

frank are you a man or a woman? the words you use seem to think your a female!!!!

So, I am a middle aged man, I have met someone on your site Elena. We are very happy currently. She is much younger than me, almost 14 years. I actually wish she was a bit older. But I love every other aspect of her so we decided to try it. However, I would never dream of forcing a younger woman to give up a family bc of my age. We discussed this and we both want children. I would not seek a relationship nor expect a woman to give up the desire for a family to be with me.… Read more »