thanksgivingWishing Happy Thanksgiving holiday to all our American clients!

Thank you for all your support and patronage over the years, and your patience and encouragement during this year’s transformation of Elenas Models. Thanksgiving is the time to look back on the year behind, and we are very pleased with the fruits of our labour, and it’s great to know that our old and new members are happy, too. The “big change” has happened, and we can now offer a stronger and more robust platform for our users to enjoy direct, transparent and instant communication.

Some turbulence during the switch to the new system didn’t change the essence of we are still dedicated to the excellent customer service and maintaining the most actual and up-to-date database of genuine people seeking a true relationship. Although there are companies out there that simply try to make money, our philosophy has always been the same: genuinely help people to connect.

Having introduced unlimited, NO pay-per-minute chat and video chat, there is also now a built-in multi-language translator on the site, which is free of charge. It means there is no need for paid translations, as you can instantly translate your messages as you type. More questions were added to the profiles, such as the desire to have children and travel availability, which give you a better understanding whether this person is suitable to your own life plan, dreams, and aspirations.

I hope this year has been good for you and your family, too, and would like to thank you for being such a great client! We hope that we will be able to deliver even a better service during the winter season and in 2015, and we have some exciting new updates in store, such as VIP packages and personal assistant services. The Individual Search program, which had been very successful in the past, will be also coming back in a new form.

There is a light at the end of this road, and we hope that every genuine love-seeker will be able to meet their sweetheart and share the next Thanksgiving holiday with her or him, and the true labour of love will bring its fruit. Because at the end of the day, who you are with is more important than where you are.


Elena & the team of

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John White

Just found this site recently , and Im glad that I did 🙂
Even though it has already passed Happy Thanks Giving day to you too Elena and your team .
Im really excited about the built in multi language translator that you have mentioned in this post, I don’t see that alot these days.


I checked the web site after having been offline for a while and wow what a difference. The new page is great with lots to like.


I WISH Happy THANKSGIVING holiday to Elena and the team too. It is great that they really try to connect love-seekers from different countries. Its modern chat became very convenient and a lot of additional opportunities are now available. I hope that ElenasModels will develop more and achieve more popularity in future.

Elena P

Me and my friends like this holiday very much! It’s atmosphere so warm, so family. It’s so old tradition! Happy Thanksgiving Day everyone! With all my heart I want to thank team of this site for its help people in their searching for the love of their lives, their soulmates, lovemates. I came to this site to meet my destiny and I hope so it will be. My close friend found her fiance here. So I wait for you, my love!