talk-to-women-on-skype-why-it-works-1For years, since using Skype became a commonplace, I have been recommending women and men to move their communication to Skype as soon as practical after their initial meeting online on Elena’s Models dating site. Why? Because it saves tons of time typing, and also you can see the other person face to face, see their reactions, smiles, frowns, surprise, or boredom. It’s as close to a meeting in real life as possible, when you are thousands of miles away from each other. And it’s free!

This is why talking on Skype is the preferred method of communication for family and friends, when they are away. If you remember my recent story The ugly truth about PPL dating sites for Ukrainian women, foreign men are often being duped into communicating online and paying for every message or minute of chat via pay per letter websites unnecessarily, and often, as the evidence shows, it may not be the girls from the pictures who are talking to guys but substitutes, who are earning money from this deception.

When you talk to your woman on Skype, this is not possible. You see her and she sees you, you know exactly who you are taking to, and there is no need to pay for it.

Victoria and Eric: “We talked on Skype for 4 hours every night”

talk-to-women-on-skype-why-it-worksJust today we received another success story from Victoria (Kiev, Ukraine), and Eric from Nebraska, USA.

They met on Elena’s Models website in the beginning of January 2015, and already on the second day started talking on Skype. They quickly discovered that they had a lot on common, and it wasn’t long until they were talking every night for several hours.

Victoria wrote, “I spent all my nights talking to Eric. We were talking for more than 4 hours each night… We had so much in common, so it seemed to us like a destiny to meet each other.”

Imagine you were on pay per minute… How much talking on video for 4 hours every night would cost you through a PPL site? You could spend $100 a day easily for just half an hour conversation.

talk-to-women-on-skype-why-it-works-2(To compare, Elena’s Models Gold membership is currently only $99 for 3 months, including unlimited messages through the website, live chat, and sharing of your contact information freely. Platinum and Ultimate memberships also allow you instant access to women’s direct email addresses and phone numbers.)

The same thing we hear time after time from couples who met on EM: they have been talking on Skype a lot. It seems to be a common denominator for the ones that make it happen.

If you want a good chance to develop a great connection, use what works for others. You may be surprised how quickly a relationship may blossom.

Read the full story of Eric and Victoria


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Jason Ragsdale
I do agree that face time applications are a great way to get to know a person. However, Skype recently has had minor issues with malware and I have found a few others such as tango are just as viable with less risk. On a side note, I do have an ex that lived some distance away from me. When i lived closer to her it was kismit everything was great. Unfortunatly for me family called and i had to relocate. She stayed behind with her family (and i rrspect that) and i moved to be closer with mine. So… Read more »
If a picture says 1000 words, video says 1,000,000. Seeing how someone’s face moves and not just appears in a static pose tells you more about them — and how you feel about them — than any picture ever could. Short of an actual physical meeting, there is nothing better for judging compatibility between two people than a face-to-face video chat: better than emails and better than phone calls. I would encourage anyone looking to meet a foreigner to use Skype first before going to the hassle and expense of a trip. Give her a chance to see you in… Read more »
Sidney Speaks

Elena…I have been communicating with a Russian woman since February…and I have told her so many things that are true right now of my situation, things that would certainly scare a scammer away, but she continues to be very sincere and honest with me. I haven’t given one dime to her and Im wise enough to not do that—thanks to your website! But I was curious about Skype…she told me that her library in Surgut does not have high enough internet speeds for Skype program. In your experience, is this true?


Everyone loves chatting via skype! There’s nothing more intrigues than seeing the person you like, seeing his emotions, his hair, lips, eyes… It’s not even necessary to say something; you can just look at the person you like for hours. For sure, video chatting makes people happy.

“Sydney, I read almost all of the articles on Elenas about life and customs in Russia. What she writes is all very true. But I now have a problem with Skype. My Internet is via modem. My internet is not fast enough. I can not do video calls on Skype. I want to buy a smartphone, but due to inflation in Russia, it now takes 30% of my monthly income. Maybe your girl from Surgut is in a similar situation. Perhaps if you explain to her how important it is for you, she will buy a smartphone. Maybe she can… Read more »

Well, I have to say that talking on Skype is really good if lovers are separated from each other by miles. And, by the way, people can cheat on you. For example my friend is working for a marriage Agency and her job consists in chatting with several men at once from the name of unexisting girls and this is really disgusting. People pay money for that and maybe even fall in love with these non-existent girls.


Skype is my favorite software to communicate with people. I tried a lot of different program like ICQ, ooVoo, etc and I still keep using Skype. This is good thing to really see a person you have conversation with. I never believe in rumors like “I have a bad internet connection to run a Skype” or “I don’t have a webcam and mic too”. One can see through a window … there is 21 century outside

No doubt, Skype is one of the best ways of communicating with people all over the world. I have many friends in Poland, Germany and France. I can`t even imagine how we would keep in touch with one another without Skype. Of course, we can send letters but it`s too long. I can`t afford myself to pay much money for telephone calls. So Skype is the real salvation. Of course, I absolutely agree that Skype helps people to know each other more thoroughly. You can see a person, his appearance and behaviour, some manners of communication. It helps to analyze… Read more »

For me Skype is only the third step leading to closer relations. Firstly I choose probable partner looking through photos and personal information. Then I write to a probable partner messages asking him simple questions about his job, family, hobbies, activities. And only if answers suit me I suggest to meet face to face by Skype.


I think this way of getting on with people is good only when you are very far from your friend. As for me, I could spend in Skype five hours. It was cool. One of my students told me that she spends in Skype ten or twelve hours with her boyfriend. They are talking, playing games. So they are together practically the whole day. But I prefer real dating.


Definitely, chat on Skype – it’s very convenient and profitable. Personally, I often use the service to communicate with colleagues and friends. I agree with you that it saves our time. But do not you think that sometimes the first conversation on Skype can scare mate? Sometimes Skype sends a bad picture and sound quality. I worry that friends will think that I am not beautiful. Of course, Skype – excellent service, but sometimes I prefer a phone call.


I think it’s better to use such things as Skype, with video calls. So you can not only chat, but to hear and see your friend. And it is the best and only choice to communicate for people who live far from each over. But unfortunately Skype doesn’t work properly and always has some connection troubles and malware issues. So sometimes it simply doesn’t work at all. I recommend to try Viber application (it works on most platforms such as Apple, Android or Windows Phone).


Skype has helped me and my boyfriend to communicate at a higher level. At the first stage of communication we had problems in understanding each other. Because messages can’t convey tone,mood. You can observe the person with whom you speak and rate your feelings forward him.

As for me, such method of communication has really many advantages. In my opinion, Skype can perfectly suit people who live far away from each other. Moreover, it is a great possibility to know about person’s life concretely. I know that my friends liked the way they communicate via Skype. On the other hand, there is nothing better than live conversation. Those who use it can only chat and see a video with a friend on their screens, but nothing more. To sum up, live communication is the best way for relationship, although Skype is not less important for those… Read more »

Face-to-face communication is much more difficult than using any sources of the Internet. The first reason is the fact that you feel more comfortable seating in your own room or place where you can feel free. You can allow yourself to tell somewhere a lie and be sure that nobody will hit you. You behave like a brave person, you are calm and your reaction to the partner’s words is different from that one when you see each other in reality. The distance can help to say people things which they can’t say in real communication.

Sydney, Skype is very important. It takes your relationship to another level. I have had some problems with Skype. One woman that I Skyped could see me fine but her video rarely worked correctly. I would normally just receive a still photo that would change about every 10 to 20 seconds. At least we were able to enjoy our conversation. I Skyped with another woman and had a number of occasions when we had to end our Skype session because we were having technical problems. So the woman may be telling you the truth but she should at least try… Read more »

Talking in Skype has a lot of advantages. But you have a chance to learn better each other only by meeting and spending time together. Only then you can make conclusions if you are suitable for each other. No Skype can substitude relations in real life.


Of course Skype is a great way to get to know each other much better than communication via chat or email. But there are also pros and cons of such communication. Speaking about the benefits, you can see a person, hear his voice, watch his behavior and so on. But a personal meeting will bring you a lot more advantages. It would help you to know a person much better than talking via Skype. In my opinion, Skype chatting – it’s the only way out for those who have no opportunity to meet in real life.


Yet here you claim ”Watch out – if your contact is quickly pushing you to a fondness for Windows Messenger, SKYPE or similar applications: we are aware that dating sites are increasingly conscious of such cons”… So, which one is true?

I completely agree on the benefits of Skype stated by so many here. This blog is a wealth of very practical and useful information. And to support Elena’s latest explanations about the behavior of those fake profiles of cons and hustlers and the speed they want to get off the site, it happened to me on a major infamous American dating site. There was a girl from Russia who faved me, with only one photo and had a masked gmail address with spaces in the profile description (some algorithms still miss this trick). The moment I contacted her via email… Read more »