What Ukrainians do on weekends?The majority of Ukrainians spend their weekends doing household chores, a recent survey by HH.ua revealed. Ukrainian women and men also love socializing with family and friends, enjoying hobbies and cultural activities.

However, every third local spends most of the time sleeping, and every fourth prefers to just quietly relax alone. Besides, 13% of people who took part in the poll said they work on weekends.

Survey results: What Ukrainians do on weekends?

Citizens of the largest country in Europe provided answers to an online poll regarding their weekend activities.

  • Household chores: 58%
  • Socializing with relatives and friends: 52%
  • Hobbies and cultural pursuits: 52%
  • Sleeping most of the time: 35%
  • Enjoy solitude: 25%
  • Exercising and being active: 20%
  • Working: 13%

At the same time, most Ukrainians (91%) agree that weekends should be the time to relax. Activities and exercising seem to be on the back of the mind for the majority of Ukraine’s residents, who’d rather go to movies than for a run. But this maybe because after washing, cleaning and other household chores that nearly 2/3 of locals have to do on their days off, they have little energy left for anything else.

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The majority spend their weekends doing household chores, some people prefer to spend their spare time with family, some like to sleep and relax after working days. I enjoy spending time with my family on weekends.


This is a clear reality for the majority of people not only in Ukraine but in the whole world, too, as our weekdays are full of hard work, noise and rush. Weekends offer a great opportunity to prepare for the next week, relax and spend free time with family. I’m not an exception. That’s why I plan my free time beforehand and spend it in the best way possible.


Have a nice weekend! The results are not surprising at all. In Russia most people do the same things. As for me, usually I meet my friends, go swimming to a health club, and do some household chores. And sometimes I also work with some of my pupils.


It’s normal to spend weekends resting. To be healthy we need to organize our life so we have time to relax and sleep enough. I try to do all housework during the week and during weekends I sleep, watch TV, read or devote time to my nearest and dearest. We only have one life, so it’s no fun n to spend it on work.


Sad, but true… Though weekends are meant for parties, you never get to go to the ball unless all the work at home is done. It’s simply, you don’t have enough time for cleaning and cooking during the week. Not to mention doing your clothes and so on. Sometimes I’m lucky, if I get a few extra hours to sleep and read.


I think most people spend their weekends doing household chores because almost everyone works all week and doesn’t have enought time to do house work. Some of them, first of all sleep enought and then begin to do other things. But there are also active people who always go somewhere on weekends or take an activity with family or friends.


That is all true! I have got one Ukrainian girlfriend and she likes doing house hold chores. To be honest she is a bit chatty and she likes to talk with her friends and relatives for hours!!! I think Socializing with relatives and friends is not her downside)


As for me, I work from Monday to Saturday, from morning till evening, that’s why my household chores I can do only on weekends. I clean the house, ironing, cook something special, wash. Sometimes, I spend these days with friends, we barbecue.