Sugar adds to risk of heart deceaseAccording to a recent study, even people who are otherwise healthy and not overweight get instant adverse consequences if they consume lots of sugar. The high-sugar diet increases the level of fat in the blood, which leads to an increased chance of a heart attack.

Even healthy people develop risk of heart decease on high-sugar diet

Researchers from the University of Surrey, UK, discovered that sugar-rich diet increases chances of a person developing a heart disease. Just 3 months of such ration were enough to see the consequences.

The study found that men who were otherwise healthy, had increased levels of fat in their blood and liver after consuming a sugar-rich ration daily.

The experiment

The researchers selected 2 groups of men.

  1. The first group had high levels of fats stored in their liver.
  2. The second group had normal levels of fats stored in their liver.

The men were fed a low sugar (not exceeding 140 calories per day from sugars) for 12 weeks. The doctors then measured the levels of fats stored in the liver, as well as their metabolism.

After the low sugar diet, the group was fed a high-sugar diet, about 650 calories in sugar content. The same measurements were taken again to determine the effect for both health and unhealthy men.

After the 12 weeks of taking a high sugar diet, the men who had high levels of liver fat, also had increased signs of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

NAFLD is associated with a greater risk of getting a heart disease.

The study found that it did not matter whether the men had a healthy liver or not: Both groups’ indicators had demonstrated a higher risk of heart decease, following the high-sugar diet.

How much is too much?

Bruce Griffin who is a Professor of Nutritional Metabolism at the University of Surrey led the research. He pointed out that 650 calories from sugars was a quite high intake. It is typical for people who consume several soft drinks a day.

  • For instance, 0.5 litre classic Coke contains 210 calories.
  • Thus, 1.5 litre of Coke will be close to 650 calories as used in the research.

Other drinks such as orange juice are also rich in sugar.

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Well, what a strong motivation to give up Coke and things like that. I’ve always known that they are bad for health but I thought it was only about stomach. I guess it’s a good time to star following the low-sugar diet?


Too much sugar is never any good. I feel it even when I simply eat too much candy and then feel worse, get tired faster and some imperfections appear on my face. Also, due to the recent studies, sugars, especially the artificial ones, can make a person more prone to cancer. So watching your sugars is always a good idea.


when I eat a lot of sweets, I get a false sense of hunger, the skin condition worsens, but at the same time my mood improves, I become more cheerful. The more I eat sweets, the more I want them. I can not stop. there is excess weight. watch for the amount of sugar consumed per day.


Everything in this world should be consumed moderately, this applies to nutrition, and beverages, and lifestyle. One day I was prescribed to sit on a fat-free diet, but the doctor indicated that butter is still worth using, if I want my nails, hair and skin to be in order. If she had not made this clarification, I would have completely ruled out the fat and the result would be sad. The same applies to sugar – in moderate doses it is necessary

Paul Rose
I’m a amateur diet expert ha, What I am about to say is worth nothing but I suggest you think about it yourself. Sugar feeds bacteria in the gut. This bacteria, like all bacteria, has waste products. When you eat lots of sugar you have a bloom of bacteria, an increase in toxic waste chemicals and when these chemicals get into your bloodstream they act like sandpaper inside your arterial walls. The body soothes the interior walls with fatty acids (gook) and this is most forms of heart disease. Heavy metals in food do the same thing. So does smoking… Read more »

I’m so glad I don’t have a sweet tooth. Diabetes, heart deceases. People should start looking for substitutes. An apple contains as much sugar as the table sugar you put in the apple pie. It is obvious we should be careful if our health is at stake. As for manufacturers it should be state-controlled