marcus-oksana-russia-usa-success-storyToday we have received another success story from our clients, Marcus (USA) and Oksana (Russia).

They connected on Elenas Models in June 2014, and after communicating on and off the site, decided to travel to Istanbul to spend some time together. Meeting in a third country is a popular option for our clients, and Turkey is easily accessible for Russian women, with plenty of organized tours and cheap bookings offered by local travel agents.

At the same time, it’s a great holiday destination, with plenty of sightseeing and fabulous shopping options. As Marcus said, they spent 8 fantastic days together, which was like a honeymoon for our beautiful couple. 6 months after they started talking on Elenas Models dating site, they could see each other face to face, hold hands, go for walks and enjoy dating and everything a new love can offer.

Imagine finding someone you really like and being able to hug them for the first time… Is 6 months too long or too quick to meet? Everyone builds their story at their own pace. What is important is to find the right person and be able to establish a connection.

For our pair, it was a dream come true. It is indeed possible to fall in love online and build a relationship even living 7500 miles away from each other.

Their advice to all love-seekers: “Don’t give up. If it is meant to be, it shall be.”

Love and life can bring amazing surprises to the ones who are ready to embrace them. It is only by opening your heart that you are able to connect with another person. Online dating sites offer you a way but it’s up to you to make the first step, and turn dreams into reality.


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I think that everyone, no matter where he or she is from, deserves to be loved. It is a great gift to find your destiny, even if it’s on the other side of the world. What matters is the sincerity between two and the power of love! This story is a perfect example on how love made it’s way through distance.


I wander how many men in percentage terms here are really determined to meet in reality like in this story.
It seems to me very many are just daydreaming and prefer to build sand castles rather than make their dreams come true.
Hope I am mistaken 🙂


Rosy, while I can’t speak for every man on Elena’s Models, I think most men would be happy to organise an overseas meeting with a lady if she truly ticks all the right boxes. No guy is going to fork out big money just to meet a lady and then be disappointed. A good and solid foundation needs to be established initially in order for things to progress. Being honest with one another about one’s needs and wants is especially paramount.


I am so pleased to know that still there are people who can really wait if it’s worth that. And love IS worth waiting. I hope the story of this lovely couple will encourage other singles to make the first step to find their soul mate even if he or she are miles and miles away…


One live in Russia, another one in USA, even if things are going well by phone, chat, mail whatever, it doesn’t means everything will work face to face, for the first time and 8 days in row. I think six months it’s a reasonable time to plan that meeting, but at least one weekend after three months I would have liked to do it, my 2 cents.


I couldn’t help feeling sad reading it. Five years ago I was in Turkey too. I met fantastic American men there. But we haven’t enough time to have closer relations. Elena’s Models, where were you, why I didn’t know about you ? Anyway, I wish happy days to Marcus and Oksana.


“If you had it happen to you, you would understand”

Who say is not happened to me? but just because two people fit each other by phone/mail/chat etc it doesn’t means that automatically will work even face to face.


What a fantastic story. It gives hope to those that have not really had much luck with dating. I hope to be as successful here as this happy couple!


This situation shows that love has no borders. Love never ends. It’s really nice that two hearts meet each other despite of country borders. I wish you both only happiness and love. Good luck!


Such a beautiful couple! It seems like they charge you with their happiness. As for me, I am rather skeptical about all dating sites but reading such stories one starts believing in a real love through the Internet!


It might be interesting to know the success story of another couples how met each other very-very long time ago and still happy. Do you have such stories? I guess, publishing them can help people, who still have doubts in finding a couple via dating site, at least to try. Stories about longterm relationships starting from here can be more attractive and convincing. Will look forward for them)

Theodor Gleancy

In my opinion everybody no matter in what country he(or she) lives. For example my friend from Australia meet with women(she lives in Sweden). And now they are wife and husbaand. So i am trying to find my own(about women).