Steven Spielberg's parents talked in Russian at homeJust recently Steven Spielberg has presented his new adventure film The BFG about the friendship between a little girl Sophie (Ruby Barnhill) and a big friendly giant (2016 Academy award winner Mark Rylance). The giant is an outcast by the other giants because he refuses to eat children. The Ukrainian premiere of the film is scheduled for the end of June 2016.

But here is a piece of news you may have not been aware of: The most prolific Hollywood director has Russian and Ukrainian roots.

Steven Spielberg’s parents talked in Russian at home

The director of last year’s blockbusters Bridge of Spies and Jurassic World gave an interview to

During the interview Spielberg surprised the reporter by telling a story how his parents spoke Russian at home. You may be forgiven for not knowing that ancestors of the popular director were from Ukraine.

Spielberg admits that his parents used Russian when they didn’t want him to understand what they were talking about. His parents were born in the USA but spoke Russian quite well.

His grandmother and grandfather on the father’s side came from Kamianets-Podilskyi and his maternal grandfather lived in Odessa (Ukraine).

Spielberg said that he often heard his relatives speaking Russian during his childhood. He remembers his grandmother singing him Russian lullabies. The holder of 3 Oscars (along with 174 other wins and 166 nominations, and counting) is fond of Ukrainian borscht, the national dish of beetroot and cabbage soup. It was a regular dish in Speilberg’s home.

The director sometimes says in his interviews that he loves Ukraine. When he first arrived in Kiev, Ukraine, in 2006 he said: “Finally, I am on a native land”.

Steven Spielberg's parents talked in Russian at home

Steven Spielberg, Rebecca Hall, Mark Rylance, Ruby Barnhill, Frank Marshall, Kathleen Kennedy, Kristie Macosko, Jermaine Clement and Penelope Wilton present The BFG at 69th Annual Cannes Film Festival.

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Recently I’ve read pretty much information about American and British celebrities speaking Russian and I was so surprised to find out that one of my favorite directors also knows Russian. Actually it’s really interesting to learn about foreigners’ attitude to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and etc. . It’s like an opportunity to look at your homeland from the side.


In this connection I would like to say it is well-known that many famous persons have Russian roots. Moreover, it is always for me interesting to know the life stories and the family stories of the people who have gained something really great.