Spanking Is Bad for Kids, 50 Years of Research ConfirmStudies show that the majority of parents spank their kids (about 80%). They believe that spanking is an effective way of teaching children how to behave. Unfortunately, only few families are aware of negative impacts of physical punishment on children’s psychological, emotional and social development.

Experts from the universities of Texas and Michigan found that spanking is bad for kids. It is detrimental to their psychological health and learning abilities. Children who have been spanked by parents are more likely to be demonstrate antisocial behaviour and have mental problems later in life, Science Daily reported.

Why Spanking is Bad for Kids

The scientists used the data collected during 50 years of research from over 160 thousand of people to reveal consequences of physical punishment. They focused their attention on spanking, defined as hitting a child on the bottom or arms with an open hand, without taking into account real violence against kids.

The researchers assert that slapping leads to unintended negative outcomes and doesn’t teach kids how to behave. Vice versa, it prevents children from acquiring appropriate behavior patterns.

hey conclude that spanking is detrimental to the normal development of a child. It promotes antisocial and aggressive behaviours, as well as other undesirable consequences. Thus, trying to discipline their kids, parents actually achieve the opposite result.

Scholars studied social and psychological development of people who were beaten in childhood in order to determine the long-term effects of physical punishment. They found that the more a person was subjected to physical punishment, the greater problems with social behavior and mental health he experienced during the course of his or her life. People who were slapped as children were more likely to use physical punishment when raising their kids. This once more proves the fact that physical violence is transmitted from generation to generation: an individual who was beaten in childhood is more likely to hit his children.

Why Spanking is Bad

Scientists believe that spanking does not work. They urge parents to use non-violent forms of discipline to raise psychologically healthy and resilient kids.

Hitting itself is caused by mental or socials problems in the family. Usually any type of violence against kids is provoked by problems in a family, e.g. parents with less income strike their kids more often.

First of all, parents should learn how to be patient and understanding. An aggressive parent who has lost control over himself is unlikely to teach a child to be obedient and fit in the society in a positive way.

It also should be emphasized that spanking is wrongly believed to be harmless. The scientists state that spanking is equated with physical violence against children and has the negative impact on their mental development, albeit to a lesser extent than a stronger corporal punishment.

The scientists hope that their findings will help to reduce the amount of physical punishment throughout the world. They state that families should practice non-physical forms of discipline that teach kids to manage one’s emotions and solve problems without violence.


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Jim Hall
I think it depends very much, on the actual spanking, if it is more as violence and abuse, or more humiliation. Most people I know were spanked, and most are wonderful and RESPECTFUL people now in their lives. I think there are so many problems with children now because they do not get discipline and do not learn respect, for their own parents or anyone else. Studies can not be believed as there are many ways to make them biased for the desired outcome. Now children that have been abused will have many problems, and that should not be allowed… Read more »

Jim, it’s not just 1 study. This was “a study of studies”. In other words, scientists took data of multiple studies done on spanking kids and followed the results of kids into adulthood: the ones who were spanked as kids had more problems with self esteem as adults, were more prone to mental illnesses, and on a stage were less successful in life. 17 indicators were analyzed. None of them had demonstrated a positive outcome, 13 were demonstrating negative outcomes. Read the study itself if you are interested in finding out more.


Absolutely agree with that. I know that to bring up children is not easy, and sometimes parents don’t have enough patience, but I believe that physical punishment is wrong way. Parents should always try to explain why the child is not right.


I absolutely agree with this opinion. No doubt children must not be punished physically. It’s no more than violence, there’s no upbringing. I don’t understand parents who behave in such way. Kids feel nothing but humiliation. And who does it? Own parents! I think kids must not be spanked for marks also. Spanking will not give them knowledge. Also it refers kids’ mischief. Anyway parents will only get confrontation from their children.


I am the mother of two children. My son is 27 years old and my daughter is 14, but I never punish them physically. I always try to explain them what is good and what is wrong. I have never had problems with them when they were teens. More over I am teacher at school and never spank any child.
It is nonsense when adult hit a child .

Of course spanking/physically disciplining a child is going to make a lasting negative impression on a child when he/she does wrong! That’s what it’s SUPPOSED to do, and it’s a GOOD thing! No amount of discussion about the difference between right and wrong is going to make a lasting impression on a child if it’s not followed up with a proper balance of chastisement/corporal punishment from loving parents who are devoted to the proper upbringing of their children. The entire goal of spanking is not meant to DEMEAN children, but to TEACH them that there are progressively negative consequences attached… Read more »

Well, Andrew, a study of various research (not just 1 set of data) done over 50 years demonstrates that there are no positives outcomes in kids who were spanked as compared to the ones who were not. Kids who were spanked are not doing better as adults, they are doing worse. There were 13 negative outcomes, including higher rate of depression and mental disorders. The scientists are “dumb”? Maybe it’s not them but people who are unable to manage their kids other than by using physical force.

As far as the scientists being dumb in this regard, my conclusion is “yes” since they are stuck on this notion that somehow spanking has no place in the development of a well-rounded disciplined child and eventually a responsible member of society as an adult. Spanking is not child abuse IF it is properly administered. Spanking a child out of anger, malice, frustration, etc is an example of the IMPROPER administration of spanking, which DOES qualify as child abuse. Spanking a child out of genuine love, care, concern, etc is an example of the PROPER administration of spanking, which does… Read more »
Andrew, I realize I am fighting a losing battle arguing with you. Are you going to spank your child because of love? Until what age? Until he can hit you back? Or if it’s a girl, forever? Is it OK for a man to hit his wife, because he loves her and wants to teach her not to make mistakes? Pakistanis, for example, believe it’s right for a husband to beat his wife a little bit. They say it’s “unislamic” not to punish wives physically for wrongdoings. Just like you believe it’s un-Christian to avoid physical punishment for kids. In… Read more »

I am a mother of two children and very often being uploaded with work and fatigue you can’t control the irritation which pours out on our children. I think the only thing that can teach children is care, love and a personal example of parents. Physical punishment is not the way out.