Sex on first date survey.

Sex on first date: Is it acceptable for Russian women? Elena's Models survey. Dating site Elena’s Models asked users what they think about sex on first date: Is it acceptable or not? Over 1700 logged in users, western men and Russian and Ukrainian women, expressed their opinions anonymously.

Although the majority of respondents stated that they consider sex on the first date improper, 1 in 3 users think it would be acceptable.

Surprisingly, women appear more accepting of a quick intimacy than men. In total, 38% of female users think it would be acceptable, as compared to 31% of males.

Survey results: Sex on 1st date (what girls think)

The questions were asked fully anonymously. Only logged in registered members were able to participate in the survey. In total, 831 ladies took the survey.

There were 3 options the respondents could select:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes, if people had known each other for some time

10% of ladies answered straightforwardly, “Yes”. Further 28.7% made a concession that having an intimate encounter during the first meeting would be acceptable if people had been acquainted with each other for some period prior to that.

The vast majority of female members (61%), however, don’t see it as appropriate.

Survey results: Sex on 1st date (women).

Survey results (click to enlarge).

Sex on first date: What guys think

The same poll was offered to males during the same time period. 877 male members provided their responses. Only one option out of three could be selected.

Males were more restrictive in their answers to both positive options.

  • Only 6.8% of guys said it would be okay (compared to 10.2% ladies).
  • Fewer gentlemen agreed that an intimate encounter would be appropriate on the first date if people had known each other before: 24.8% (compared to 28.7% women).
  • The majority of men (68.5%) are confident that having sex on the first date isn’t something they would be interested in.
Sex on first date: What guys think.

Survey results (click to enlarge). Data: Elena’s Models research.


The results of the survey are rather surprising. We were expecting that males would be more positive about early intimate encounters as compared to females, but the numbers show an opposite trend.

It may be also connected with the traditional gender roles where a lady is expected to resist a male’s advances. Apparently, guys don’t see much joy in pushing for a close contact early on. Thus their attitude of being stricter on crossing the boundaries into the territory of a potential relationship.

At the same time, a sizable proportion of female respondents are quite open to a possibility of moving forward quickly. 22% more Russian women than men don’t see anything wrong with having sex on the first date, especially if people had a chance to get to know each other before going out romantically.


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The problem with sex on first dates is that it might make you wonder if she is the kind of girl that sleeps around a lot. I mean, I don’t have the illusion that my looks will drive woman wild from desire, so if it’s that easy for me, it might be easy for everyone else. But I do think it’s different if you’ve been corresponding for a few weeks/months before the first date. It’s kind of like having a relationship for a few weeks before having sex.

I visited girlfriends in Russia, Ukraine and Moldova (different trips in different years). I corresponded with them for months before I made the trip and I ended having sex with them at the first meeting. I would prefer to wait, because correspondence is not the same as a face-to-face meeting and for me, psychologically, I was really meeting them for the first time (this was before Skype was big). The women were genuinely excited to meet a man that was from half way around the world and that made the journey to meet them. So there is so much excitement,… Read more »
I truly cannot believe the comments I am reading here. Sorry to all if my words offend, but the thinking here is limited, it truly is. Logic does not seem to prevail & my experiences have certainly been very different. Firstly, “First Date” is open to interpretation. In my experience, many women see the “First Meeting Period” as being the “First Date” (say 2 weeks), not the “First Night”, so no definition of “First Date” seems to have been provided in this blog (from what I have read). Next, shall we decompose the outcome we are trying to achieve? At… Read more »
Vicky P.

I think it really depends on how long people know each other. If they are attracted to each other they possibly can follow their feelings. But in the modern world sex on the first date may be considered as something wrong. Not all people will understand it right. There are still so few open-minded people.

The survey was conducted among the users of this dating site. When do men use such services? When they want to have serious relationship. And from their point of view it implies having no sex on the first date. Meanwhile, if a woman has communicated with a mate for some time, she thinks that they have become closer to each other and that means the possibility of intimate relations. However, such act has always been the matter of biological chemistry. And if people are really attracted to each other, nothing will prevent them from dating further – neither sex nor… Read more »

Sex on the first date says about nothing. All depends on people, their feelings and wishes. If it is going easy and you both want it, why not. I know many couples who had sex on their first date and now they are happily married. Although there are many couples who were waiting for months “trying to get to know each other better” and… they broke up.