Secrets of Female Orgasm RevealedA Tumblr blog revealing secrets of how to make a woman come, started by a young female writer, is making rounds in the blogosphere. Would you like to know, too?

“How to Make Me Come”

Women reveal secrets of how to make them come, for men to learn.

The blog was started by a 27-year-old author named Sylvia, after her own unsatisfying experiences. It appears that many men do not actually know how to please a lady.

Feeling that she has been misunderstood and unable to articulate her thoughts at the moment of experience, she decided to launch her blog.

The blog contains 80 anonymous essays written by women, describing what they want in bed from their men. From rather innocent to raunchy, women are spilling out the beans on the secrets of their sexuality.

The question the blog asked was:

“Imagine you could give this essay to a past or future sexual partner, free of judgment or repercussion. What would you want them to know?”

It appears too many women feel that their orgasm “is often ignored, devalued, or misunderstood”.

Their desires, frustration, and experiences are discussed and recorded, in the hopes that men would want to learn and improve.

Secrets of Female Orgasm

80+ essays reveal secrets of female orgasm.

While men’s orgasm is clear and obvious, females have learned to fake it, because way to often it’s simply not happening for them, and they are afraid to make their lovers feel bad.

Often the differences are expressed as similar to the ones between a microwave and an oven, where men are quick and ready to go, and women need time to heat up.

Another issue where boys make errors is the strength, with “gentle” being the keyword for what women desire and need. And they would like guys to finally learn where the clitoris actually is.

While admittedly female orgasm can be challenging to attain, it’s no rocket science and works just as reliable as male’s, if partners are patient and loving. Ladies generously share advice and tips on what makes them reach the heights.

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I think that men are very shy about sex. A great problem is to make them talk about it. Their position is often “I’m great, I have no any problems”. They say so because they’re confused. So women should talk about sex and their desires and preferences but do it correctly and softly.

I think it’s important to understand that men and women tend to behave in ways they would like to be made love to, and so each is doing the opposite. So the gentle touch women prefer is often what they provide. Paying attention to how non-linguistic communication occurs during love making is also important – women give signals when they like something, sometimes subtly and sometimes with direct verbal statements, like, “Right there, don’t stop”. I think there’s truth that a lot of men don’t really understand what pleases a woman, and taking her hand and encouraging her to guide… Read more »
There aren’t many specifics from the female bloggers in this article, so I think what’s needed is time for a couple to be alone together and to talk about their needs. Every man and woman has different needs anyway, so they have to be talked about, discovered and satisfied. The problem for many couples — and for my first failed marriage in particular — is that not enough time is set aside for dates and sex. If the relationship loses priority over the demands of kids, home and jobs then the marriage will fail, and with it everything else. Orgasms… Read more »

In order to a woman to have orgasms her man needs to make all his best. But generally men do not even try to do that. And if the woman is trying to share her attitude about their poor sex life, he blames her alleging that it’s all her fault. But why is that? If we are doing something together we are both responsible for that.


Maybe it’s because I’ve read one-too-many romance novels, maybe it’s because I’m more of a giver, but I don’t quite understand the men who don’t particularly care or are content to be inept. Speaking as a man, what could be more validating than to completely and utterly satisfy your partner? What man doesn’t want to have such knowledge of his woman as to have her rolling through multiple orgasms at his desire?

To me? ‘That’ is satisfying.

I think that reading articles isn’t really the way to improve. Every woman is wonderfully unique and you cannot apply something you read from one person and think that is going to work with another. There is something very natural and visceral about sex– personally I feel you probably either have it or you don’t, that deep bestial “understanding” of the woman and of your own male body. Just like modern man is losing his sense of smell and no amount of articles or coaching will fix it, it seems too many generations with no real natural selection in the… Read more »
A woman has no way to compare herself to other women, and thus no way of knowing if she is sexually broken or not. Only a man (or lesbian using a strap-on) with experience with different women can compare them. Likewise, only a woman with experience with many men can properly evaluate a man’s skill in bed. The sorry truth is that most men and women alike are lousy in bed. Women’s skill involves receiving rather than giving pleasure, and thus lack of skill in a woman is not obvious, where lack of skill in a man is obvious. Both… Read more »

Oh, I do agree! After all, can there be any other way to understand what your partner wants than simply talk about it? Well, not simply. The key is to know the right time for that. We don’t have to be too shy but for sure don’t ever do that to soon!