Why Russian Brides Are No Longer In VogueWe are coming to the end of an era — Russian brides are quickly becoming the thing of the past. This is why.

Are Russian Brides a Passé?

Earlier this month we reported about Playboy’s decision to stop publishing photos of nude women. This in itself shows that the world, especially the online universe, is becoming a different place. Russian brides also aren’t immune to the changes.


Modern apps and ways to communicate online are taking over. You can easily connect on Skype with any person in the world, as long as they have a connection to the Internet.

With prices of Internet and unlimited broadband, as opposed to dial up, we are already reaching a pretty impressive coverage of the globe. But with new satellite Internet accessible already today for only $60/month, we will be no longer limited in where on Earth we could be reaching.


Online translators are becoming so good that they may be giving better interpretations than humans. Google Translate became an open source language patterns interpreting base, where translators can contribute a better version than the one that has been offered. It means, soon even complex constructions will translate pretty well.

As such, so called “translations” and paid chat/pay-per-letter sites look like dinosaurs. Slavic girls seeking relationships with guys outside of their country speak better English today than 20 years ago, when Russian brides became a new item on the menu for international love seekers.


If before North American men were limited to working in their home countries, now they can visit Europe and or Asia and live there, while running their businesses online or getting some part time work in the ever expanding travel industry.

Visitor visas to the USA or Australia are getting easier to obtain, or pick from one of the countries where Slavic women can enter without visas. Some couples choose not only to meet but also live abroad for the first months of their relationship, giving it a better chance to succeed.


Organized trips for men in order to attend “socials” where prospective Russian brides could be met are losing grounds to night clubs, offering far superior entertainment value.

With more travel assistance and a plenitude of YouTube videos allowing us to see the other country with our own eyes before deciding to visit, online booking systems for hotels and tickets, it’s very easy to make your own travel plans, and find online and book professional local guides, if you so desire.

Russian Dating Sites Evolution

Modern Russian brides are rather cool.

The Russian dating world has also evolved. Instant online chat, which used to be a paid fixture, can be accessed for free through dating sites such as Elena’s Models, or apps.

Relationships become true long-distance engagements with the use of Skype and other means, where the goal is to find someone compatible, not simply available.

Men are wising up to the realities of PPL (pay per letter and paid chat) dating sites, offering eager Russian brides, who don’t care how old you are or how you look.

This means that the phenomenon of “mail order brides”, as we knew it, will soon cease to exist. Talking to someone in Russia online will be just as a casual occurrence as talking to someone in your own country or city.

The mystery of Russian women seeking relationships turned out to be quite laid-back, just like dating in your own back yard. It’s no big deal anymore, and if you show up with a foreign woman on your arm, no one is surprised or shocked.

It’s a big new world out there.


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