51% of Russians don't trust media Most Russians don’t believe media reports concerning the country’s economic performance. Survey results by the fund “Public opinion” in October 2016 show that 51% of Russian don’t trust the media.

Russians have low trust in media reports

The majority of people in Russia have lost their trust in local news, Lenta.ru reports.

  • Over half of Russians (51%) do not believe that the local press is giving them all the truth.
  • 46% of people think that reports about the current economic situation are biased and uninformative.
  • 61% of locals feel that the country’s financial problems are insufficiently discussed in the media.
  • 46% of people think that the situation in Russia is worse than it is outlined by reporters.
  • However, 28% of locals say that the news are truthful and match the reality.
  • Only 7% of respondents believe that the actual situation is better than it is reflected in the news.
Russian media lacks trust

The number of people who do not trust the local media increased significantly compared to 2015.

The results of the study are almost identical with the data gathered half a year ago, when Russian women and men answered the same questions.

However, as compared with the statistics published in 2015, it is clear that the share of Russian citizens who don’t trust the news has increased significantly.


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We can’t trust at all in media resources. Each time they write different things depending on the “wind of changes”. When the leader says to describe some event as a good one, each and every source says exactly the same. Internet – the only place with normal info.


Unfortunatelly, it’s close to the truth. 3 days ago my student asked me: “What is the informational vacuum?” He’s 10. I just want to say that even the children think of it. I have a friend from Moscow, sometimes he comes to us (the Eastern Siberia). He said me: “Those thing you get from your local media is different from ours”. So what does it mean? I’m afraid to say something provocative, but, in my opinion, the real rates of untristing are much higher than in this post.


I don’t trust the American media due to the fact it’s skewered towards the liberal way of thinking.


This is a big problem for Russia.
It means still 49% trust the media.


Frankly speaking, I personally don’t trust federal media. I believe that economical situation is worse than it is reported there. My family budget and living conditions, as well as those of my friends, proves that they don’t tell all the truth. Local press, on the contrary, is close to our everyday life, nevertheless it also tends to be positive.

Robert. E. Combs

I don’t really trust US. Media, all are focused on what is broadcast or printed, how silly people are led like sheep to slaughter with so much bull chit.


I agree, Robert.

I think that it is great that Russians stop trusting media. At some point it started turning people into zombies. For many it is much easier to believe what`s on TV rather than their common sense and it all comes from a bad level of our educational system. So I am very pleased to find out about it. But, I think it is not solely Russian reality’s issue. I think that TV is so old. It does not deserve our time. Internet comes in handy. If you need to find more or less true information you can google it, there… Read more »

I totaly agree with you! I have lived for 10 years without TV but inspite of this I’m quite informed person. As you said, Internet comes in handy, and I prefer to google all news I want to read. Sometimes, when I have a business trips, I watch TV in a hotel… every time I’m astonished at lies and a dirt that media tells people.


I suppose that people, who don’t trust the social media, do the right thing. One day I was watching TV and the President was surprised about very low teachers’ salary! He’s reduced it and he’s surprised now! And social media tells us that teachers have good payment.


Today, there is a lot of information, and sometimes, nobody can say, at first look, if the information is true or not. So it’s kind of inflation of information. Naturally, the confidence level is dropping. On the other hand, the media themselves don’t know the whole truth because the government is not so transparent as it should be.


Do people in other countries trust their media? When I need to make up my mind on some event or issue I usually check several different sources, but the info is often so contradictory that
I get totally confused. That is why they declared the term ‘post-truth’ as the word of the year. I think it characterizes our contemporary life very well.


In my view, Russians don’t believe in local media because they don’t tell us about real situation and people’s life in the country. They like to present events more positive than in fact. In addition, too much attention is given to politics. Instead of telling about internal issues of the country, the news tell us about USA presidential election, the military operation in Syria and about much else as if there is no problems in Russia. And that is not only my opinion. Most Russian politicians will approve this fact.