28% of Russians believe success depends on having moneyAccording to Russians, money is the most important ingredient to achieving success. In other words, unless you already have money to invest, you are not going to become successful. Only 11% believe that success comes from work, while the same share (11%) think it requires luck.

What success depends on according to Russians

The All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (WCIOM) published the results of their recent survey on how Russians assess their position in society and what they think of success.

  • For a quarter century, the share of citizens who think they belong to middle class grew by 10% and constitute 59% today.
  • The number of those who define their position as middle and low are 19% and 14% correspondingly.
  • The share of people who think they belong to the upper-middle class and the upper class are 5% and 3% correspondingly.

The researchers note that nowadays locals identify their position in society easier. The share of those who couldn’t answer the question decreased from 11% in 1991 to 2% in 2016, Wciom.ru reports.

The most interesting issue in the survey was the question about the keys for success. It turned out that most Russians believe that success depends on having money.

  • 28% of respondents think that a person needs to have money to become successful in life.
  • 25% of people think that personal qualities are the most important ingredients to achieving success. They point out 3 personal traits that matter the most—toughness, morality, and initiative.
  • Such things like education and experience were chosen by 23% of respondents.
  • 17% of people believe that a person needs to be purposeful to attain his goals.
  • Only 1% of locals think that success depends on origin.
    What a person needs to become successful according to Russians

    Most people in Russia think it’s impossible to become successful without money.

When asked what helps a person to get a high position in society the majority of Russians choose personal traits (25%) while money goes the second with 24%.

The other things necessary to obtain a high position are

  • profitable connections—20%
  • education and experience—18%
  • hard work—8%
  • reputation, power—6%
  • place of work—5%
  • communication skills—4%
  • talent—3%

The researchers were also interested how Russian citizens would spend a big lottery prize.

  • The majority of people would spend prize to buy a home (38%). This option is the most popular among the respondents aged 35-44 (46%).
  • Only 9% would spend funds to buy stocks or start a business. However, the number is higher among the youngsters aged 18-24 (17%).
  • 8% of locals would invest the prize in health, sport, or put it them on a bank account.


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Work=success, enough said.


Money plays a great role in our lives! But not everything depends on money! I am sure that many people can achieve success without money. To get a high position in a society people should have such personal traits as self-confidence, initiative, communication skills and, of course, good education.


Unfortunately, Russians are right. How many talented children live in villages, but nobody knows how they good at singing or dancing, for examples. At the same time, little daughter of the famous businessman plays a role in the films or performs on the stage. So such girl will be successful at her 15-years age, but villager’s life unlikely will change.


Not only Russian people think so. You will have to agree with me. When a girl is looking for a man, rich person will attract her much faster, than, for example, a student. And also, when you have money, you have a possibility to travel and a possibility to learn something new.


According to my experience, money matters, because young specialists are usually low-paid and have opportunity to pursue career only having financial support. Otherwise, you have to work for money first, meaning, choose a position with high salary but without any professional prospective. As soon as you are financially independent, you have a chance to start doing what you really like. So with money you can buy time and use it as well as your personal traits for achieving career goals.


To my mind, money is not a cause of success, it is a result. If you aren’t financially literate, you can’t handle money correctly. You should be a master in your field and possess certain personal characteristics to be a successful person… and luck is also an important thing 😉


Of course, success can not exist without the availability of money. Hardly anyone of people can say that he is successful if he has an empty fridge at home. In spite of this, a person should always feel that he is the owner of money, but money don’t dominate over him.