russian-women-will-never-say-to-a-manSmile! 🙂

I have talked to my hubby about things he’d never expect to hear from a woman, and then came up with a few of my own. After that, I posted them on our Russian blog for women to read and comment on… the results were astounding! Most girls actually agreed they would never say these things to a man.

It was created as a joke but now it turns out that there is a bit of a joke but the rest is, in fact, true!


Things that Russian women will never say to a man:

  1. Honey, I am going to the shops, should I grab you some beer?
  2. Sweetie, I left the toilet seat up.
  3. I will pay for the restaurant today, you paid the last time.
  4. What, you again have a headache? It’s been 3 days!
  5. Let’s invite your mum to stay with us for a couple of months.
  6. You haven’t gone out with boys for some time, why?
  7. Dinner at a restaurant? What for? We have yesterday’s pizza in the fridge.
  8. No, this T-shirt that you’ve been wearing for 5 days doesn’t smell at all.
  9. Simply throw your dirty socks and undies on the floor. I will pick them up and wash, no problem.
  10. I am ready for half an hour, and you still cannot choose a tie?!
  11. I don’t even know what to do with all the money that you earn.
  12. No, I don’t need any new shoes and dresses. Mine are only 3 years old.
  13. I got so skinny, all my clothes are too big.
  14. Honey, you are home at last! Would you like a BJ?
  15. You always know the road.
  16. Let me wash the car today!
  17. You are right, this dress doesn’t look good on me.
  18. Let’s watch some R18+ action.
  19. There is a great special for all sport channels subscription on the cable, we should get it!
  20. I am so tired of all these overseas trips, let’s just spend the next vacation at home.
  21. You shouldn’t give me diamonds, I don’t wear them anyway.
  22. I was wrong.


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haha, made me laugh:) every joke has hint of truth indeed:)))


Too funny! I especially liked #12 and #22

Elena these are fantastic They truly remind me of my last girlfriend, she was great but loved a bit of drama. I think its important for European guys like myself to realise that, when dating Russian girls there is a definite expectation upon us to be comfortable in our traditional roles. Unlike in western Europe where the gender lines can be blurred between men and women, there is a much more traditional divide between the sexes. Men should be men; strong, reliable, masculine while your woman will be; feminine, look after her appearance, loyal. I don’t think Katya ever went… Read more »

yes, i do agree #12 and #22 is too funny!


very true!!!!

Hi Elena, I think these are great because many western men, like myself, may have wrong expectations of Russian and Ukranian women which in turn may result in shock and failed relationship due to misaligned expectations. I was under the impression that Russian and Ukranian women may be happy themselves to “please their man” and think of the man’s needs and what makes their man happy, and (likewise) that if the man focused on giving to the woman what pleases her… that then both people would focus on thinking and giving to each other what make each other happy. It… Read more »



#3 – if I really dont like the guy, which I meet, I will NOT go in restaurant with him, and if he trying to buy something, of course, I will never let him buy anything for me. I dont want any bad memory!
I better go in restaurant by myself, instead!


very funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!……………………….. elena …………do you have women that have passports ? been alone too long …..beautiful ukranian woman would fit me perfectly


super very funny


It’s quite funny………..


Очень смешно!!! Но правда!!!


I think it might be more of a personality of individual girl but what can I know.

I think what remains for ever is honesty, otherwise things change in the ongoing process. Pampering each other is good quality, both parties must practice it, and that depends how you do it, which develops more and more liking and respect for each other because to everyone this must be understood that physical attraction lasts few months. Other important things takeover in life rest it all depends on the maturity of each other, tolerance of each other, though tolerance stage will not come where there is mutual understanding, which develops when you forgive and forget, because man or women is… Read more »

Love it !