What Russian Women Mean When They Say "I Want To Create a Family"?For English speaking people the phrase “I want to create a family” means that the person wants to have children.

For Russian-speaking women (this includes women from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan) it means she wants to get married. It absolutely doesn’t mean that she wants to have kids, unless she clearly adds, “I want to have children”.

What “Create a Family” Means for Russian Women

In short, it means an official registration of a union between a man and a woman where they become husband and wife.

In the Russian language family traditionally means husband and wife. Yes, the family also include children but the presence of offspring is not compulsory: once the newlyweds signed the marriage registry, they are officially a “family”.

They will be getting greetings and congratulations from family and friends not on their marriage but on “creating a family”.

Russian women want to create a family.

When Russian women say they want to create a family, it doesn’t necessarily means they want to have children. They are simply talking about a registered marriage. Check “wanting kids” line in her profile to see if she indeed desires to have a child. (On the photo: Elena’s Models happy couple, Tatsiana and Simon.)

Why So Many Older Russian Women Want Kids?

Some men get shocked reading in profiles of women over 40 that they are “family oriented” or want to “create a family”. As you understand from the explanations above, these women may not want to have kids but only express their desire to have an official husband, as opposed to dating, hanging out together, having an affair, or cohabiting.

So, unless the woman clearly states she wants to have kids, her statement about “family” doesn’t mean she wants to get pregnant and have a baby.

The Definition of Family in The Russian Language

The definition of family is more restricted in the Russian language. It means basically people who live together in the same apartment or house. Thus a family can include only a mother and a child, a husband and a wife, or it may also include grandparents if they live under the same roof.

If Russians talk about their extended families (cousins, uncles, aunts, etc) who don’t live with them, they will usually use the word “relatives”.

I hope this helps to clear up why so many Russian women talk about family in their profiles. It’s a poetic expression for a registered marriage, as opposed to having a no-obligations romantic relationship.

The Definition of Family in The Russian Language

The phrase “I want to create a family” means “I wish to get married” in Russian. It doesn’t necessarily require having kids. (On the photo: Elena’s Models successful couple, Barry and Alena.)


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The best way to understand what a woman means in her profile is to ask her directly. It’s much better than asking somebody else and getting wrong interpretation of her words. Don’t be shy to ask! It will help to avoid misunderstandings from the same beginning.


To my mind, Russian women want to get married because they want to have some guarantees. Living together with a man under one roof isn’t enough. Historically, matrimony begins with a special ceremony, and since this ritual a man and a woman have responsibilities towards each other. That is called a Russian marriage.


In my opinion, for the Christian wedding in the church – a Christian values. These rules, values must be met, regardless of fashion and public opinion. Paying tribute to fashion, there is always a high risk of losing the only true landmark – to create and maintain a family


people understand what a good marriage will do to them? will forget how to walk long distances in really high heels. remember how you would walk out of club or college in your really high sexy heels and walk a couple of miles with your best friend, no trouble. yeah, that will go away, your feet will hurt after a couple blocks and a couple years of a good marriage.


Thank you for getting out this point. There are many childfree girls in Russia, and when a woman has no children at 40 (as in my case), it may mean she does not want and has never wanted to have kids, but still she can dream about the marriage ceremony and all.