russian-men-will-never-say-to-womanJust like with things that Russian women wouldn’t say to a man, there are things that men would never say to a woman. To balance the fun, I thought of some things that I wouldn’t expect a man to say, and then got some male’s prospective as well. Certainly, there are some national differences, but men are men, and women are women, whether they are Russian, Ukrainian, or American.

As the result, here is the list! 😉

Things that Russian men will never say to a woman:

  1. Does my bottom look big in these pants?
  2. Did you hear the latest news about George Clooney?!
  3. Honey, I bought us a yearly subscription to the symphony orchestra.
  4. I never had so much great sex with anyone in my life.
  5. Let’s invite your mum to stay with us for a couple of months.
  6. You have been stuck at home, go out with your girlfriends, have some fun! I’ll look after the kids.
  7. I have no idea how you manage to pay all the bills with my salary.
  8. Dear, I have done all the washing and ironing.
  9. Sweetie, what car would you like as a present for your birthday?
  10. You forgot our wedding anniversary again.
  11. Don’t be stuck at the TV, let’s go out somewhere.
  12. Do these shoes look good with this suit?
  13. Don’t worry, take your time getting ready; I will fix the tap while I wait.
  14. Let’s buy you that diamond necklace.
  15. You must be tired of cooking, let’s eat out in restaurants for a couple of months.
  16. It’s not a problem at all that you put on some weight, I actually like it.
  17. Do you think I should get these enlargement pills?
  18. You are probably not feeling well because of your period, let me do you a massage.
  19. You are better driver than me.
  20. Go shopping, you haven’t bought any new clothes for a while.
  21. What are you thinking about?
  22. I was wrong.


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Thanks god I never met a man with this sort of philosophy to life:)))


Hm….. well, you might say instead of “Russian Men”, Chauvinistic Men!!! I wonder what the list would be for Western men?? Come on Russian Ladies!! Tell us what you think about Western men!!!


Nice site I like it


Funny post. Some of these are just plain silly. However, I’ve personally said # 6, 11, 15, 18, 20, 21 and 22 before hahaha. not bad, I guess 🙂


The last one fascinated me. Russian men never apologize or admit their wrong to their women?


These are things that I would guess most American men will not say to a woman either. But some of them if sincere, may certainly benefit the relationship.


I don’t believe that Russian men can be so inconsiderate if not down
Right insulting to Russian women who are some of the most beautiful in the world


I agree Robert is kinda scary if Russian men are like this or close enough!. Sad because they are really good looking but with a selfish personality no thanks!!.


Actually, I do say “I was wrong” – I think that I overbalance – and say it too much, actually. That helped destroy the last relationship when I realized I was NOT wrong for everything 🙂 Oh, well… That was before getting involved with this site, and something changed – I hope. I became a little more pragmatic.

Hope it works!

Thanks again, Elena, great site. I can look for the One and have a laugh at the same time. God bless!

… An amusing collection of by-thoughts… However, whilst well-and-truly emphasizing the tolerance and other great, “Orientalist” mores special to such women, these anecdotes also very clearly underline the Russian and Ukrainian woman’s fascination with personal appearance – and, concomitantly, its most visible expression, being “fashion”. …Which, it could be suggested, in-and-of itself, might also be seen as an outwards symbolism for the inwards, underlying belief that every woman should be pampered. What I have very, VERY rarely come across within the Russian and Ukrainian women I have known – having lived in Ukraine for 7 years as well as visited… Read more »
Privet, Elena… I respect your opinion and most of what you have kindly expressed by your response. However, without entering into a kind of long-haul polemic, I would most gently suggest that by your own statement you actually support my contention. To whit: I believe the salient and specific thought here is quite clearly embodied in your I don’t – generally – recognise anything related to the concept of a two-way “sharing” within this statement. What I DO however recognise – and admire – is the career-mindedness of some of the ladies I have had the pleasure and honour of… Read more »

Hmm, I believe, its good idea make site funny… but honestly I hear phrases like that from Russian man, so, its not really true they never say that. Especially #4. Lol.

Regarding #12, I’m curious if a Russian man wouldn’t ask that due to conceit, due to they’re all very fashion savvy in the first place, due to assuming a woman couldn’t answer, or due to wearing a suit being a rarity. In recent months, I’ve had the very distinct pleasure of dating a Russian woman that I met here in the USA. On top of being very intelligent, frank, deliberate, capable and one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen, she is a fashion genius. She can make absolutely anything look fantastic on her. Any man, Russian or otherwise,… Read more »

Maybe Elena can create series of post in regards to men’s fashion. I’d be the first to read them… currently working in that area. I just bought my 3rd pair of shoes for the first time… LOL 🙂


Funny post.