Russian girl: I feel naked without...In response to the post about female makeup and how men and women view it, a Russian girl wrote that without decorative cosmetics she feels naked.

“I feel naked without makeup”

“As for me, I feel me nude going outside without makeup. Really,” wrote a young Russian lady in response to the story “Makeup makes women appear more desirable to men, but ladies feel threatened“.

“It is also a kind of defence. I mean wearing of makeup. I could not go “without face”, how can I?”

This is what I mean when I explain to the guys that some Russian girls won’t step out of their apartments unless they dress up and doll up. For them allowing people, especially men, to see their faces free of a decorative layer is like being stripped and exposed. It’s not only the instrument of making oneself more appealing but also a “cover”, another coat of protecting her vulnerability.

“It is absolutely normal for a woman to be attractive,” the commentator concluded.

"I feel naked without makeup"

“It is absolutely normal for a woman to be attractive,” one of the girls says.

Why Russian girls feel naked with no face paint?

The post sparked many comments in its Russian variant.


“Yes, western women for some reason don’t use decorative cosmetics that often. Whether they think they are beautiful anyway or maybe there is another reason, not sure. Maybe females from our country are not so sure of themselves? This is why they are much more into make-up.”


“Turn it any way, but beauty is a powerful force. Men succumb to a woman’s beauty. Even the most committed “naturalist”, who likes only natural things, will predictably turn his head towards a bright, beautiful woman. Men value it without even realizing it themselves.”

The majority of Russian girls agreed that cosmetic assistance is absolutely necessary for a lady but it needs to be not too bright during the day.

Not using the face paint is not even in the question! It’s just the amount of foundation and mascara and the shade of lipstick that causes discussion.

Why Russian girls feel naked with no face paint?

Most Slavic females insist that applying decorative cosmetics is absolutely necessary for a lady.

Social experiment video production team was working on YouTube series (due to be released soon) when we needed to interview some Ukrainian girls about certain subjects.

The girls in the street that our presenter stopped frequently refused to give an answer on camera because of the same reason: “I don’t have the right make-up.”

Even though they didn’t mind appearing on camera, girls were self-conscious about their appearance. Being beautiful all the time is such an important requirement in these countries.

Devoid of applying beauty products, Russian and Ukrainian ladies consider themselves naked. It probably would be the same reaction if you asked them to walk in the street in the same clothes they wear at home. Walking out “undressed” is inappropriate even if she is simply taking out the trash!

And the reason they have this need to be beautiful is to attract and keep a man. Beauty is not such a high value by itself but only if a male appreciates it.

Social experiment

Young ladies from Eastern European countries strive to be admired by males at all times.


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Nowadays most of all Russian ladies (especially young girls)do not put make-up daily. They use nude make-up style or walking with naked face.:-) It is in trendy now. If you come to Moscow you will be surprised observing many sporty, good looking, natural ladies. I suppose it concern all ladies over Russian Federation. But Russian women like to be well groomed and stylish clothes especially dress.

I think that daily make up is a habit. Girls do not understand how women may be without decorative cosmetics. When I study in the school my classmate boy said: “What will happen if all girls go to school without makeup? It will be horror!” Teacher answered him: “Do you think that all girls are awful without decorative cosmetics?” He said: “Yes”. Also my classmate girl said: “It was awful to live in the Ancient Russia! How could women live without decorative cosmetics?” Teacher answered her: “Women in the Ancient Russia used some things for make up. For example beetroot… Read more »

Personally, I don’t use make-up daily. Sometimes I make up my eyebrows or my lips but it happens from time to time. I’m very concerned about the condition of my skin and I find wearing make-up very dangerous for it. So I decided many time ago to stop using foundations and so on to make my skin more healthy and fresh. And it totally works! 🙂


If I don’t do my makeup, I look ten years younger than I actually am 😀 Sometimes it can feel good, but not at work (I am a teacher), because then people who don’t know me, mistake me for a pupil, and that’s quite annoying.
And yes, I do my makeup even for going shopping, which may seem weird for a lot of foreigners. 🙂 But there are girls who wear minimal makeup or no makeup at all, that’s common too.


Every woman wants to be attractive always, even when she goes to the store or simply takes out the garbage. I think this is normal. The main thing is not to overdo the makeup. For a nude make-up needs more time than for the evening make-up.