Russian construction company hired a cat with the salary 400,000 rublesA Russian construction company from Perm hired a cat. There were hundreds of fluffy candidates but the company’s team selected the tomcat named Barsik.

Russian company hires a cat with the salary 400,000 rubles per year

According to, Barsik will be paid 400,000 rubles (6,250 US dollars) per year. A half of the pet’s income will be directed to animal charity.

Barsik’s monthly salary is 33,000 rubles ($516) which is not bad taking into account his responsibilities.

The pet continues to live with its owner Vasili Kuchumov and goes to work only when it is needed.

The animal is provided with a personal office and a driver. At work, Barsik is supposed to wear its corporate accessory—a bow with the company logo.

The cat’s major responsibilities include

  • managing social media pages
  • finding the places with a positive energy in new apartments

The old Russian superstition says that the cat should enter a new home first. It is believed to bring happiness to the family.

That’s why the company’s clients will be able to rent the pet for a while if they don’t have their own.

The company’s director says that the new worker meets all their requirements. It is intelligent, kind, well-mannered, affectionate, and, of course, good-looking.

September 26th was the cat’s first working day.

Russian company hired a cat with the salary 400,000 rubles per year

The adorable cat has its own corporate accessory—a cute green bow.

Russian company hired a cat with the salary 400,000 rubles per year

On September 29 Vasili Kuchumov posted the photo saying “Barsik feels lazy to work. Maybe we should find him an assistant?”



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This world goes crazy, really!Though i won’t mind to have such a cute colleague:) Some time ago I wanted to look for positive energy places in my apartment, but I failed, because my cats sleep everywhere. And the idea of renting a cat reminds me of Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory)


That’s actually a great idea, hiring a cat. I, personally, a cat lover, completely support this idea. It is a widely spread fact that cats help people release stress from work and also take away all the negative energy. I hope many companies will take a closer look at this great tendency.


This time I’ve wanted to become a cat. Just imagine, the whole day it has just to find “positive places” Gosh, what is it? And it gets ~500 UDS/month. NO, really, I want to be that cat. For such money I will find the best of the nest positive place. Just kidding. Our world is getting crazy.


I’m also a cat lover. However, I can’t imagine what a cat can buy for such a salary. Even for a half of it, which is left for him. Moreover, he already has his own place and his man who takes care of him, while there are millions of homeless animals who struggle and fight for survival. Why not to pay money to some animal shelter and take different cats to explore new flats? There is a small chance that the owner will like a fluffy creature and leave it on the place it chooses.


It’s crazy, but very good idea! Many people like cats and clients of company will be glad to see such “worker” in the company. I like that some of cat’s money use for animal charity because not all cats and dogs are lucky as Barsik.That cat is pretty and fluffy, i like it very much!


That is neat.