Survival guide for dating Russian womenSome guys still believe that it’s not easy to find a beautiful and devoted Russian woman to marry or meet a sincere Ukrainian girl who will love you for who you are. We at talk to sweet and committed ladies every day who complain that “men are not serious”. How can it be? Simply because guys and girls seem to see different meanings in what is said or done. Both western gentlemen and Russian ladies want to find a great relationship but somehow it doesn’t come through clearly in their communication. Use these quick tips to move your relationship forward.

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7 simple tips that will make difference in your relationship with Russian women

  1. Women are always “young”. Refer to ladies you are dating as “young”. Most Russian women want to hear this from you, even if they are older (50 or more).
  2. Give flowers. Don’t debate this, just give flowers. Flowers have been held in Russia in very high regards as an important gesture—even by women who don’t like flowers! One less thing to worry about—just buy a bunch of pretty blossoms every time you see her while you are courting her. Once you are a steady couple in a close relationship, then you can start doing it once a month or so. All Slavic girls from post-USSR want a guy who gives flowers and candies. That’s their “ideal man”.
  3. Cover expenses. Just foot the bill for coffee, lunch or dinner, even if she invites you. Simply put, if you want to express equality and sharing, and all those reasons with a Russian girl, you will just get kicked to the curb. What’s the big fuss, just deal with it and organise the payment. The reason you wanted to date a Russian lady was beauty, intellect, and good old fashion family values, right? So, pay the bill when you are together, if you want these things. How easy is that?
  4. Be a gentleman. Open doors, carry her bags, offer your hand when she steps out of a car or bus, and in general, be a proper gentleman. Women from Russia love the strength of a man when he shows his leadership, bravery (not fighting) and ability to care for her. Do it, and I’m sure you will move faster to more intimate relationship goals.
  5. Give her attention! Huh, you might say, I’m being chivalrous, buying flowers, paying for dinners, what more can I give? Okay, it’s all the simple things. Text her with short compliments (Slavic women love compliments), give her your coat or jacket if it’s cold, offer her your arm to hold onto when walking the streets or descending stairs, let her go first by opening doors, ask if she needs or wants anything. Send her short sweet messages when you wake up or go to bed.
  6. Be a leader. Eastern European girls expect leadership from a man. They want a guy who will come and say, “Don’t worry, let me sort it out.” Someone who will make bookings, ring until she answers, and find great places to enjoy together. Take steps to move your relationship forward to where you want it to be. If you don’t think you can be a strong man like this and want equality and 50/50 balance of who does what, then date western girls.
  7. Charm her friends and mother. What do you need for that? Do the same things as you do for your lady: Bring flowers and candies for the hostess, kiss her hand, give compliments and be nice. Russian and Ukrainian women attentively listen to and follow opinions of their close family and friends.
7 simple tips that will make difference in your relationship with Russian women

Before embarking on your quest, learn more about differences between your and her dating culture. Once you understand how it works, finding a devoted Slavic lady will be much easier.


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God is in the details. The expression is truly justified concerning the relationship. Women naturally pay attention to these little things. At times men consider these things that small and irrelevant, unworthy to be regarded and eventually find themselves eating soup too salty to be enjoyed. I just love when my man makes me feel cared with his sweet gestures, and I am sure he likes to make me happy as well, for everything he does is paid off.


Exact, short, simple, without unneseccary long explanations… can’t agree more with these tips! Yes, any Russian or Ukranian girl waits for flowers, compliments, payings for dinners, door openings and all this attention. That’s how a man proves himself and shows that he’s a serious person who can take resposibility upon himself, solve our problems, and protect from anything.


Good advice.
It is good especially for FSU ladies, but it’s still good for the rest of the world. The kind of lady who would open her own door, carry her own bags, etcetera, is also the kind who would tell you so when you open a door for her. Better to err on the assumption that you should be extra attentive, and let her correct you if you are mistaken.