Real estate prices in UkraineUkraine has some of the most affordable real estate prices in Europe. You can purchase a brand-new apartment in the capital for under US$40,000. Find out how much people pay for homes in different cities of Ukraine.

Prices for real estate in Ukraine

The most popular type of home in Ukraine are 1-room units, because they are the cheapest. Such flats include a living room (which is also a bedroom at night), a separate kitchen and a bathroom, with a small hall at the entrance.

2-room apartments are what we usually call a 1-bedroom unit: one living room and one bedroom, together with a kitchen and a bathroom. checked average prices for new 2-room apartments in Ukrainian cities.

Prices for real estate in Ukraine

Prices for new 2-room apartments (suburbs-centre) in hryvnia (USD)

Prices for units in city centre are more expensive than in the outskirts. See the listing of the current average prices by city, from the most expensive to the cheapest. The size of the apartment is around 60 square meters (645 square feet).

  1. Kyiv: 960,000-1,800,000 ($36,000-67,500)
  2. Odesa: 720,000-1,398,000 ($27,000-52,400)
  3. Dnipro: 690,000-1,230,000 ($26,000-46,000)
  4. Uzhhorod: 654,000-888,000 ($24,500-33,300)
  5. Zaporizhia: 636,000-900,000 ($24,000-34,000)
  6. Mykolaiv: 630,000-933,000 ($23,600-35,000)
  7. Poltava: 630,000-870,000 ($23,600-32,600)
  8. Kropyvnytskyi: 600,000 ($22,500)
  9. Ternopil: 570,000-900,000 ($21,400-33,700)
  10. Lviv: 540,000-1,572,000 ($20,300-59,000)
  11. Kherson: 540,000-972,000 ($20,300-36,500)
  12. Rivne: 510,000-978,000 ($19,000-36,700)
  13. Zhytomyr: 510,000-714,000 ($19,000-26,700)
  14. Kharkiv: 492,000-1,020,000 ($18,500-38,000)
  15. Chernihiv: 492,000-729,000 (18,500-27,300)
  16. Sumy: 480,000-630,000 ($18,000-23,600)
  17. Chernivtsi: 474,000-714,000 ($17,800-26,800)
  18. Cherkasy: 474,000-660,000 ($17,800-25,000)
  19. Lutsk: 468,000-690,000 ($17,500-26,000)
  20. Vinnytsia: 450,000-1,200,000 ($16,900-45,000)
  21. Ivano-Frankivsk: 375,000-780,000 ($14,000-29,200)
  22. Khmelnitsky: 330,000-738,000 ($12,400-27,700)

Kyiv is the most expensive place to buy a home. A simple 2-room unit in the city centre will cost around US$67 thousands. If you choose a similar flat in suburbs, it will be nearly two times cheaper, only $36 thousand.

Lviv’s cental locations are second priciest in Ukraine—$59,000. But if you are not after city life, a flat in outskirts can be purchased for only $20 thousand.

Central locations in Odesa are over $52 thousand, while in suburbs you are able to buy a 2-room home for $27 thousand. However, proximity to the Black Sea is also a consideration when purchasing in seaside locations.

The cheapest 2-roomers are in Khmelnitsky, where you are able to spend only $12,400 to have a roof over your head. If you wish to be in the centre, then it’s also not too costly—less than $28 thousand.

Just remember that new apartments are sold without fittings. You are buying a bare concrete cell, which needs to be fully fitted to make it a home.

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