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Elena PetrovaIf you need help in getting results on Elena’s Models or maybe you feel something’s not working for you, post your question here.

Get an answer from Elena personally

For a limited time, I am offering you an opportunity to ask your question about your results on Elena’s Models and get a consultation directly from me.

Some guys go to forums and try to get answers from people who have extremely limited knowledge of our system and how it works.

For instance, I keep encountering both from women and men suspicions that there are some profiles set by the site in order to “lure” people in. Guys also feel that they may be getting EOI’s not from women but generated by the site.

Guys, if we wanted to switch to PPL and follow their suit of fake communication, we would do it properly and long time ago. It requires just some computer reprogramming and these systems bring enormous profits.

  • StatisticsBrain evaluates dating market as billing around 1.935 billion dollars a year. PPL sites bill over 200 million dollars a year, which means it’s over 10% of the global online dating market. (Including legitimate dating sites like Match.com that have 24 million users, eHarmony with 17 million users.) PPL’s earnings per user are way higher than average across the industry.

A reporter asked me some time ago why Elena’s Models didn’t switch to PPL (pay per letter). I answered, “Because it doesn’t work”. He asked again and I only could answer the same thing. Paid communication via proxy doesn’t work if the purpose is building a genuine relationship.

So, if we wanted to cheat our users or extract money in unscrupulous ways, there is no need to invent any minor scams. PPL is the ultimate answer, and it works perfectly, as you know.

But we are dedicated to integrity. We believe, maybe somewhat idealistically, there is value in integrity and being true to ethics.

No fake profiles or fake messages—No need to ask about it

So, no, we do not set fake profiles to lure clients in and we also don’t send any fake system-generated messages or EOI’s.

That’s a guarantee, which is included in our Terms of Use. So, it’s not just words but an official part of the service you get from Elenasmodels.com.

Integrity disclosure, Elena's Models Terms of Use.

Integrity disclosure is part of ElenasModels.com Terms of Use.

Do you have any problems or complaints about your relationships with women on Elena’s Models?

I will be happy to answer. If you are an active member of Elenasmodels.com and have a valid membership (Gold, Platinum, or Ultimate), ask your question here. It will be definitely more effective than asking for dating advice at forums.

  • This is a limited time offer.

We are starting our matchmaking program soon and I want to get the feel what is currently going on for our members. This is why we’d like to know about questions or complaints that you have about communication with female members.

Simply ask your question through the Comments form below, and I will respond as soon as I can.

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If I spend a contact point sending a letter, and the girl never reads it or responds, I wish I could cancel and get the contact point/credit back. I could also use advice on getting past small talk. I can’t seem to get past small talk, so it just gets boring and one of us loses interest


Hi Elena, How are you?
I’m having trouble searching
profile of users of your page.
I do not know if they are real users of your page.


About three months ago, I purchased and read Elena’s VIP Coaching program. I have found this program to be a high-value product, well worth the $299. As I have learned things, I have implemented the tips. Not only are the tips effective, but simply knowing what to do has increased my confidence. And the women have responded well 🙂 Большое спасибо!

I have a Russian woman who I have been talking to everyday, for about 2 months. She has never asked for money. She is dead set on coming to see me here in the US. We have not met.. I have told her repeatedly we have to meet at a neutral site or I come to her first., or she will not be able to get into the US. I have told her she may ruin her chances of coming back on a Fiance Visa. Kill her chances of gaining citizenship on down the road. Then she would not be… Read more »
Hi Elena…maybe you can explain why it is so difficult to meet Russian women living in Russia….especially Moscow women….and why it is easier to meet Ukrainian women. I travel to Voronezh frequently as I have a son there….so I always pass through Moscow….I tried many times since August 2015 when I joined this site to meet a woman at a Moscow airport….every time I pass through a Moscow airport, I contact Moscow women before I arrive…and no Moscow woman registered on Elena’s Models has come to meet me at a Moscow airport. Besides the rejections, I have gotten a lot… Read more »

Actually, I’m meeting a lady I met here for the first time in person in a few days. Wish me luck.

Incidentally, if I hadn’t read at least one success story and one article saying it’s definitely worth sending a two-week follow-up to someone you’re really interested in if she doesn’t get back to you (she’d replied to my first email, then wasn’t on the site for a while), then we never would have gotten going. So thanks.

Hello Elena, I hope this finds you and the EM team well. I must admit that I’ve had mixed success on your website. Mostly it’s been a positive experience and I think the vast majority of women on the website are legitimate and genuinely seeking lasting love – as am I. I’m in communication now with a nice lady from Kiev but I get the impression she’s deliberately trying to keep her options open. We had been speaking about me travelling from Sydney to Kiev to meet in Dec/Jan. I had hoped to spend as much time as possible with… Read more »
I’m considering searching for a wife here, and I’d appreciate some advice. My first criteria for a wife is simple. She must be anti-feminist. However, there is a difference between anti-feminist and traditionalist. They are not the same. Honestly, “traditional” doesn’t precisely work for me. I’m completely committed to the idea of life-long marriage and family. But, frankly, I don’t want a “housewife” as part of that. I’d rather have a dynamic and exciting life with my lady. My relationship philosophy is certainly much closer to “traditional” than the typical “modern” view of a usual westerner. But I’d like my… Read more »
Hi Elena, Thanks for making this site the real thing. I know from experience the way the PPL sites work…they are quite effective at providing what I would call instant gratification. But I think it’s virtually impossible to find a real relationship on a PPL site. Here on this site it takes a bit more time and effort (and isn’t that the case in the real world?), but the women are real and sincere, and the chances for honest love and a lasting relationship are much greater. I also believe your blogs are very informative…I have learned some valuable lessons… Read more »

A Russian lady keeps sending me this number? Is it a telephone number? VIBER 7 XXXXXXXXXX What is the best way to call from the US to Russia?

Dear Elena, Congratulations for your succesfull site. Actuallyy, i know in person colleagues who succeded in finding a lifetime partner through this site and they now have a happy family. I would like your advise on how to promote myself without at the same time being too much ‘self-praised’. For example, although wealth is not everything in a succesful relation, i would like to tell to my future woman that i am in a good financial position, with a house, without loans and with a stable fulfilling job that offers me a regular high income. I know all these matter… Read more »

I am new to this kind of dating service. How does it work? Does one have to meet a woman in her country, or can she come here? And when one finds “the one” how does it work to get her here?

Paul Rose

Hi Elena, I hope you’re having a great day! I have a question. Let me begin by saying I am looking for a Russian woman. Good looking, experienced, able to hold a conversation and her own in a conflict.

My question is about a woman I’ve seen on-line. She’s drop dead gorgeous, has a mouth watering figure, lovely blonde hair, smart, cool, together and everything a guy could ask for. Her name is Elena from New York City.

What do you suggest I say to get her to go out with me Elena?

Hi, I have only just joined the site recently, it was great at the beginning as a got a few requests and chatted for a bit with one lady in Russian, but after 1 or 2 email exchanges all the communication just stops. The first contact explained here reasons which was fair but the others without any explanation just do not give any reason and just stop all together. I have had the same with 4 different contacts and don’t understand why. I am extremely polite with my emails and very open about wanting a serious relationship, I am very… Read more »
I have been looking at your site determining to join or not to join. The info on your site is helpful in knowing what I need to do. I want someone who is: my age 45-60, someone who is an ordinary woman. (A lot of the women are doctors , lawyers, engineers. How do I get the system filters to find some one who is middle class like me?). , a lot of the women I see are very beautiful. How do I get them to like someone like me. I’m 62, and don’t look like I did at 20.… Read more »
Elena: I am from Canada and have been a platinum member for only a month and this is the first dating site I have ever been on so there has been a bit of a learning curve for me, being 55 (just got Viber downloaded on my phone last night, first app ever! lol). I feel lucky to have found you and this site and commend you on the work you are doing! I read you blogs, website articles, and some success stories but have not found anything on men who end up living in the country of the woman’s… Read more »