Property in Ukraine: Cheaper Upgrades Boost Market Activity in KievStaff author: Adilia S.

Sales of property in Ukraine increased threefold in February 2016 as compared with the same period last year.

Ukrainian real estate experts believe that now is the right time to improve one’s living standards. The difference in price of studio and 1-bedroom apartments significantly dropped. Kiev residents are able to upgrade a studio to a 1-bedroom apartment for only US $10,000 extra.

Previously buyers had to pay extra $30,000 for the same privilege, reports.

The price drop resulted in a boost of activity in the housing market. For comparison, 571 apartments were sold in February 2016 whereas in January only 345 units were sold. Monthly sales improved by 65%.

Housing adviser Artur Oganesyan predicts that the number of real estate transactions may increase up to 3 times if people change their state of mind. He says it is true that Ukrainians earn less but real estate prices dropped as well.

Lived in apartments are more popular because they are usually cheaper. People prefer to buy apartments in buildings constructed about 10-12 years ago.

While property prices in dollars are falling, prices in hryvnia are going up due to exchange rate fluctuations.

For instance, in February prices for lived in apartments decreased by almost 1% in dollar terms — to $1,463 per square meter, whereas in the local currency prices increased  by 8.5% — to 39,800 hryvnia per square meter.

The peak demand is concentrated in economy/economy+ and luxury class property segments.

Luxury properties valued at more than US $1 million are purchased mostly by rich locals. In some cases they buy real estate with the view to rent it out.

In the economy class segment people buy properties in order to improve their living situation. They sell one apartment and try to purchase another home as soon as possible since prices are not stable.


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So great! High time to buy an apartment in Kiev. Well-known that the best time to invest in the property is when the economy of the state is unstable or during the crisis. Unfortunately, Ukraine is overcoming such a period right now. I wish I had enough dollars to purchase an apartment in Kiev. It’s a cool and friendly city!


Yeah except the income is still in local currency. So only people who had money is USD feel they can buy something – all others people feel they wil NEVER be able to collect money even for 1 room apartment, Previously 30 000 USD was 240 000 hrivnas. now 240 000 hrivnas is 8 275 USD. Feel the difference? So it doesnt really matter that in USD it became only + 10 000 USD for upgrade, as we still get 100-200 USD a month. Which btw is not even enought to rent apartment.


The problem of the flat is always very important. As for me I would like to build a house only in my home town, not in Ukraine. Now it is rather difficult to do without any credits but I will try to work more and more for it and I hope my dream will come true.


This is great for people. But I think we should not jump to conclusions. Not a stable situation in Ukraine could sharply whack the pocket of the buyer because the dollar varies from day to day and easy to fall for the trick so many speculators enjoy the excitement


There are so many apartment buildings going up around the city and many are vacant. The metro is packed during rush hours, so bad you cannot move or stop 🙂 Traffic is horrible, but I love it here.

The people are friendly, the food is wonderful and the weekends are great.

Things do need to change a lot in the Government, but this is a wonderful city and country.