em-selfieFact: The majority of people joining dating sites don’t believe they will find a partner there. They are registering because of curiosity, trying to check the profiles, which they otherwise cannot view, or simply “giving it a try”.

This is why people don’t pay much attention to their profile photos — at their own peril.

The period when you have just registered on a dating site is the best time to impress potential prospects. You are new and the link to your profile is sent to all new and registered users.

Why miss this perfect opportunity to impress?

But the majority of guys upload dark and unclear photos of themselves. (Girls’ photos are much better.) These men are missing on the opportunity to score when their prospects are the most interested.

Whether you have registered recently or have been on the site for a while, absolutely the simplest and easiest way to improve your positive response rate and start meeting better quality women is to get a better photo.

And it’s so easy to obtain!

Get a friend or a passerby in the street, or even a waiter in a cafe to take your picture. Pay a neighbour kid 20 bucks to take 100-200 of your photos, they will be delighted to help.

4 tips for a quick and nice profile photo

  1. A good lightning will do half of the job. Natural light outdoors is the best.
  2. Put on a white long-sleeved shirt to look younger and more presentable.
  3. Smile — girls like guys who look kind and happy!
  4. Get a haircut before taking pictures.

Seriously, get it done today!

Also use these links to find out more about getting a great photo and making meaningful connections with stunning Eastern European women (if you don’t want the girls to laugh looking at your profile):

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Elena, do I need a better photo? My profile ID is E2147531981


Thanks! Short and clear. The things like good lighting (preferably, a daylight during a slightly cloudy day) and having a smile on your face are obvious, but their obviousness is the most common reason to skip them!
But look, point 4 – what should I do being as bald as a billiard ball ? )))

You know who
I know I need better photos, but they don’t seem that easy to acquire for me for some reason. Probably because the only thing I have access to at the moment are selfies I take with my phone. I’ve read that you’re not supposed to wear sunglasses, but up here in the high Sierra Nevadas, it’s either bright as a spotlight, nighttime, or snowing/raining – and when I squint it does not look good and really brings the crow’s feet out! hahahahha. I own a couple of light long sleeved geologist’s field shirts, I never thought about using them, good… Read more »

O, that’s so true! I adore “live” photos made in different situations, they show the real person, not just some picture. Though to me it was difficult to make a step away from “portrait” photos, ‘cos they are so similar to what I see in a mirror. I was very much helped by friends whom I asked to make a huuge series of photos and choose the best ones.


As a girl I can absolutely agree with these recommendations. Guys are so charming and fun live but sometimes they simply can’t show it on the photo! I can also say that selfies are not very good for profile photo. And of course smile is the easiest key to girl’s heart.


Generally, wrong profile photo is one of the common mistakes that people make. In my opinion, if you want a photo that looks professional and friendly to viewers, one should learn all the possible mistakes that people make with their profile pictures, cause your profile picture gives people a certain impression of you.


This is so true, I’ve seen it so many times. Some guys’ profiles are interesting and these guys might enjoy the same things as I do but I have no trust in them unless I see a clear photo. I constantly feel like I’m missing some great opportunities.


Absolutely right about the smile! Even in real life it’s more pleasant to talk with nice and positive person who are smiling to you. As for me when I see another person unknown to me and I can only judge him by his photo, the smile becomes the important thing which may depend on my choice.