Price Hikes Cause Russians To Drink LessGalloping inflation and price hikes caused Russians to drink less. In 2015 Russians consumed 5.3% less alcoholic beverages than in 2014, reported. The research was conducted by Nielsen group.

  • Gin and tequila sales took the biggest hit in Russia, having lost 20.3% of the sales volume.
  • Sales of whisky also experienced a significant drop of 13.8%.

Imported brands of alcohol became much less accessible for Russians due to price growth.

The average consumption of alcohol in litres dropped by 5.3%; however, in rubles 2015 sales dropped only by 1.5%, as compared to the year before.

Locally produced beverages became more popular due to affordability. Sales of rum were the ones that managed to remain on the same level, while even local drinks such as vodka and brandy lost 4.9% and 6.2% respectively.

Analysts believe that aggressive marketing assisted in maintaining the level of rum sales in Russia.

Hard drinking is one of the reasons why women outnumber men in Russia, according to research.

Last year 57,000 Russians died because of alcohol, reported. 1 in 4 Russian men dies before the age of 55.


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Bad news for all foreigners that are looking for eastern women. More russian male survivors of alcohol means fewer women available to us.


WOW! Hope this is true haha.. But in my opinion it can be connected with a new law that allows russians buy alcochol only after 11 p.m. But who knows, who knows…


Now it is rather expensive to drink regularly. I think keeping fit is becoming more popular and Russian people spend less money for alcohol and cigarettes. Moreover, there are many interesting ways to spend time than going to the cafe or to the bar.


It is not surprising that alcohol is consumed much more less than it used to. Prices for it are so high!
But I believe that it’s for the best, because people there drank so much previously. The economic crisis helps not to spoil health.