bathroom-mirror-photoDespite having written about it dozens of times before, I still keep seeing photos of men in bathroom mirrors (often with a toilet or basin in the picture) in their profiles on our dating site.

It’s hilarious! Do you even realize how your photo, which is obviously made in your restroom, affects your chances with the ladies? It instantly kills them (I mean, chances).

I know, you guys (not all of you but maybe more than a few) are paranoid that girls are “not real”. This why you probably feel attracted to photos that look like selfies, and are afraid of pictures that seem like they were made by a professional photographer. While it is totally the other way around: it’s easy to copy images from social media pages, which are mostly selfies, and more complicated to get hold of a set of professional photos, which women made specially to upload to a dating site with a view to find someone for a relationship.

But that’s not the point.

The discussion is about you, gentlemen. Being a lady and seeing which men’s photos get into Top-100 on our site, I can confidently tell you: Photos in bathroom mirrors are destroying your chances. They are plain ugly.

What a Photo in a Bathroom Mirror Tells Women about You

Photos in a bathroom mirror convey multiple negative messages about you.

Your picture taken in your lavatory (or in your bedroom with the unkempt background) instantly broadcasts to women the following:

  • I have no friends, not even one, who could take a picture of me.
  • I don’t have any experience with women.
  • My home is a mess.
  • I mostly live indoors playing on my computer; this is why I am taking a selfie inside.
  • I don’t think that toilet is an unsuitable place for my first introduction to a girl like you.
  • I am not very intelligent; the fact how my profile picture affects my chances of meeting a woman of my dreams never even crossed my mind.

In addition, if you don’t have a shirt in your profile photo, your odds of meeting a nice girl are close to zero. Women on our site consider it disrespectful, as if you came to a job interview with a naked torso.

Do you need another warning?

If you have a picture in your bathroom mirror in your profile, delete it immediately and replace by a nice pic made outdoors, with a happy smile!

(In a shirt, preferably a collared white shirt. It makes you look neat.)

Even a selfie can look attractive: Make it outdoors and smile! 🙂

If you don’t have friends, ask a passerby to take a picture of you, or position your phone or camera on a hard surface, and use the time delay function.

Read the following posts to make your profile more attractive:

Even a selfie can be cute. This is the photo of me: compare it with “bathroom mirror” shots above.

Which one looks more attractive?

Becoming successful with ladies on our site is extremely easy!

A nice photo can bring you up 10 times more positive responses.

You only need 3 things:

  • Nice photos. (Looking neat and friendly in your photos can bring you up to 10 times more favourable responses.)
  • Nice profile. (Be positive and honest: Don’t try to pretend to be someone you are not; it will come across as false.)
  • Be a gentleman in communication. (Don’t be a dick: don’t think that women are trying to scam you, or lie to you, or that they are “desperate to get out of poverty”. Women are here with the same goal as you: They failed to find a quality partner at home, and decided to see if they can meet a decent person elsewhere. If they can, they are ready to move countries. If not, they will stay where they are. They are not jumping on top of some guy whose only advantage is that he lives in a country with a higher average monthly income, and who thinks he can “buy a bride”. No way.)

Even if you are not athletic, rich, handsome, or live in a tropical paradise in a 10-million-dollar house, you will still score with girls if you have a genuinely kind smiling photo, a detailed, positive, sincere, and grammatically correct profile, and you are behaving like a gentleman when contacting women.

That’s all they can initially see: Your profile.
Make sure it works for you.

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Well, I don’t think that a selfie on one’s profile is a bad thing. Yeah, maybe in some cases it really shows who the man is…But a couple of selfies isn’t a problem 🙂 Of course interesting photos which show your personality will be more helpful in finding the woman of your dreams 🙂

The over whleming use of selfies obviously demonstrates the greater majority of online people find them interesting and a common standard. However a selfie in the bathroom with the can in the background to use as your profile photo to attract women seems I missed the trend of how to pick up women online today. The questions I have for these experts for dating profile photo’s is the following 1. Should I leave the toilet seat up or down 2. Would it be better to light a match for mood lighting 3. Does a little bit of stagging help by… Read more »
red harris

Wait, so I SHOULDN’T have that picture of me with my “naked torso”–standing in the waterfall in a bathing suit? Some of the women on this site actually seem to like that on, though !

Love Live

Disgusting! I can’t understand what is the charm taking pictures of themselves in the bathroom? People think it’s beautiful? Not that I have a negative attitude to self, not, to be photographed next to the toilet, and upload photos to the Internet is stupid!


Absolutely agree! Every day I see too many selfies in the Internet waiting for something extraordinary. I think people are sick and tired of this “trend”.


Selfies in mirror is OK, I think. But to photo yourself in bathroom- is a crazy idea! I have a good attitude to such photos, but THIS is really ugly. Why pepolpe do it?

Personally, whether man or woman, I find that ‘selfies’ are incontrovertibly in poor taste. Why..? ‘Selfies’ smack of sheer laziness and – apart from their usually ill-considered environments and execrable quality – reflect a certain degree of smug self-satisfaction that is often not warranted by the person posting the result. As Elena says – find somebody (Anybody!!) to take a decent pic of you – rather than rely on the generally crappy lighting and low-res, end-quality produced by iPads, iPhones and the rest. It’s so simple to do – and applies to both sexes: – Go outside where there are… Read more »
Aero Loco
Which is worse a profile of photos with heavily ‘photoshopped’ women or guys showing off their hard earned work body or torso in the in a bathroom? I guess both are wrong. In my humble opinion, profile of girls should have limited photoshop pictures. Maybe a couple & plus some real shot photos. I’ve had nasty surprises when I met some in real or when they sent me their real photos. 2 different persons. It’s easy to critisise men taking selfies in bathrooms whereas nobody pays attention to those fake & altered photoshop profiles. Both shows low self confidence.
Mr. Adam Schwartz

I find selfies tacky. Maybe narcissistic. And they suggest that the person doesn’t have a single friend he can ask to take his picture.

red harrris

What’s better– a Selfie, or a picture with my last girlfriend obviously “cropped” out of the photo? lol


When I start communication at the social networks photo of my interlocutor is very important for me. I want to know who I talk to. I have negative impression about person with photo in bathroom or many selfie in another places. This person seems to be unfriendly, if he/she can’t ask anybody to take picture. Also poor-quality photos show that person is careless and doesn’t want to make good impression on friends from the web.


An other good reason to avoid selfie with tablet and smart phone. The camera build in, use wide angle lens, a real pro-photographer will never use wide angle for a portrait, instead he will ALWAYS use a telephoto at least a 80 mm and place the camera 10 or 15 feet from the subject to avoid the round pigy effect of wide angle.


IMHO, you guys are all way over-thinking this and need to relax… Ha, I saw a t-shirt the other day that said “I’m Ukrainian, I CAN’T stay Calm!” ))


I think that selfies are kind of disease!) When you’ve started to make selfies it is hard to stop doing it! I know it from my own experience. You want more photos, more likes, more subscribers and it is crazy! I have stopped doing selfie because I truly believe that only “normal” photos can show your beauty, I mean photos done by professionals. And both men and women should not waste their time on making selfies.


I always wonder what makes people take these supid selfies in bathrooms and upload it on social networks or (which is even worse) on dating sites?? What do they mean by posting these photos? I think if you want to meet a good person, bathroom selfies are not the best idea to introduce yourself.


Such a stupid idea! Bathroom is not the right place for taking photos. But I see so often such photos in social networks. Personally I think if you want to make a good impression, find another place for your photos. Or at least dont upload them on dating sites.


For some people selfies are a way to realise themselves. I personally think that it’s not the best way to do so. Photos in bathrooms are only for silly girls but not for clever people.


Now that’s what I hate! When I see a selfie I start thinking like “what’s wrong with him”. Actually, I don’t like selfies of both sexes, but seeing a man in a mirror is a way more frustrating than a women.
Please, no selfie. You’d better post some doggies and cars, seriously.


To my mind all said above is true! Who would like to have first date in a bathroom? Very important to make right first impression. Men’s selfie in the mirror will make me laugh but nothing more.


Photos in the toilet and bathroom – terrible! I have the feeling that is the only attraction where people can take photo. As if there aren’t really beautiful places. Mental development of such people says all for themselves.