People married on special dates are more likely to divorceExperts analyzed more than a million marriages in the past 15 years and found that people married on special dates are more likely to divorce.

People married on special dates are 36% more likely to divorce

According to researchers from the University of Melbourne, marriages celebrated on numerically significant dates or special holidays more often end in divorce than those organized in the ordinary days.

To arrive at such a conclusion the scientists studied marriages celebrated on St. Valentine’s day and on the dates like:

  • 9/10/11 (sequence of numbers)
  • 11/11/11 (same numbers)
  • 20/01/2001 (repeated digits)

Thus, over the past 9 years one in five couples married on Valentine’s Day divorced, reports.

In general, couples married on special dates were up to 36% more likely to divorce.

People married on special dates are more likely to divorce

Marriages that originated on St. Valentine’s day more often end in divorce.

The scientists have their own explanation for the statistics.

Professor David Ribar believes that people who choose a special day pay too much attention to external attributes like the wedding place or date. Those who get married on the ordinary dates are concerned about what is happening inside the relationship.

Asian pairs, for example, appreciate everything associated with the number 8. August 8, 2008 had an extremely high number of nuptials among Chinese newlyweds.

What makes people believe that a wedding date is able to have a good influence on their marriage? And vice versa, if people are in love and deeply committed, can Friday 13th influence that?

As we know, Russian and Ukrainian women, for example, believe in many superstitions. There are quite a few omens that are believed to be bad or good for a future marriage.


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Guess I am one of those statistics…haha. She wanted to be married on 7/7/07….and we are now divorced.


Rather the relationship between spouses influences divorce, not a wedding date. They should rather attach greater importance to relations, not the date of the wedding.


I don’t have any examples concerning special dates for getting married, but it is obvious that it is very stupid to pay attention to such things as holidays or some dates.


I’m sure that date of the wedding can’t influence of a couple will divorce or not. Only thing that matters is relationship between the two people, they listen to each other or not, understand or not, support and a lot of things like this because the date is just a day when they started their life as a married couple together, nothing more. By the way Statistics is not a rule just coincidence.