Orthodox Easter — Paskha, Russian Easter DayToday is Russian Easter day, called “Paskha” (pas-khah). In 2016 Orthodox Easter falls on 1 May, which is also a public holiday in Russia, “Labour day”.

Painted chicken eggs, as opposed to chocolate eggs in western countries, are the emblem of the Russian Paskha.

Read how Russians celebrate Easter here.

Orthodox Easter

Most Russians are not deeply religious but even the ones who are not practicing believers usually consider themselves Orthodox Christians.

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Ukrainians also celebrate Easter on the same day.

If you are communicating with ladies from Russia or Ukraine, it would be appropriate for you to send a short Easter greeting. Even if she is not religious, she will be pleased you actually paid attention to her country’s customs.

You can also send a greeting to all ladies you have been talking to through your personal blog.

Victory Day 9 May

The following weekend Russians celebrate another important holiday for them, Victory Day. It relates to the date of German capitulation in the World War 2. The holiday is celebrated on 9 May.

This year some companies will close from 1 May to 9 May, giving a short vacation to their employees. Some people travel locally during the holidays, others go overseas to a warmer climate.

Some Russians will spend their days off on their country side plots where they grow vegetables and berries, planting seedlings. The number of Russians who grow their own food has increased sharply in recent years, following the economic recession. Last year 46% of Russian reported to be growing their own food for home consumption.

Orthodox Easter — Paskha, Russian Easter Day

Kulich is a sweet cheese bread that each Orthodox family has on the Easter table. Instead of painting eggs, commercially sold stickers gained in popularity in recent years.


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Happy Easter Day!


According to tradition, on Easter people bake cakes and paint eggs . In the night from Saturday to Sunday, Easter cakes and eggs are blessed in the church. Cake and painted eggs are main symbols of Easter, but not only. Easter bunny is also one of the symbols, which stands for fertility and wealth.


The Easter holiday is a great Russian tradition. Now a few girls and women are able to oven Easter cakes. But this festival still have a lot of goodness and light. Modern man needs from time to time to stop, to break away from the TV and gadgets and think about the soul. Easter offers is just a such opportunity.


First of all, these holidays are a good opportunity to spend time with the family. And also it is necessary to note that it is wonderful to have some days-off and to do something at home or in the coutry house and to use this time in the most effective way.


I like Easter. In this day people cook very taste dish “Pascha”. This consist is curd. Curd mixed with sugar, dry fruits, nuts.
The mixture is formed in the form of a pyramid. The dish decorated by chocolate, fruits, nuts. Also this sweet dish decorated with Christian themes.